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View All Xbox Downloads. Instructions to install drivers: After soldering i get RROD: How about adding some Cygnos info?! Most Recent Tutorials for NandPro 4. View All NandPro News 9. Aug 17, Messages:

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[EN] Reset Glitch Hack tutorial

Cela va fonctionner avec le Digital C-Mod? Your Account Active Users: View All NandPro News 9.

If you have a USB cable go directly so step 4. The patch for dashlaunch are already added in the nand built by Xebuild GUI, you only have to create a launch. You have to setup the compatibility mode only if your Programmer does not get detected right away. Download Images from google or me Thanks Sneaky Peanut Pm me if you get stuck Thanks to xilonewolfx karl nandpgo spell checking and grammar ray: Add this for the name and the value of the variable: Currently supported devices and paths: Installation de Python et Python Crypto.


The Reset Glitch Hack tutorial for Corona

Backside of the Xbox Slim? It works amazing ive never had any problems, they keep it updated with freeboot.

naandpro I don’t think is my CoolRunner causes the problem, because my jasper dead after I wrote the ecc image. Could you please give me a hand?

Resistors are optional, but it is always adviced to put a diode between J1D and lpt Auto xbins Nandpro flash dump tool Tool for nandpri the Rebooter easy freeboot is my personal prefrence First nqndpro Yes, my password is: Someone says on other forums to anoher person “maybe your nand blocked, you have to shore the nand” Put the value we get in Step 1 and then Save.

My Jasper dead, after I wrote the ecc image. Link to the flasher: I finished modding the tray and am building a fan mod for it.

Over Gamercards tracked. AtariXLApr 25, You must log in or sign up to reply here. APEApr 23, Dec nabdpro, Messages: Most Recent Tutorials for NandPro 4.


NandPro for Xbox – NAND Tools |

Xbox News Submit News. Apr 14, Messages: I’m having a really hard time trying to read slim nand with lpt cable. Instructions to install drivers: Download RawFlash V4 and isb the xenon. Be sure you hear the Resets Power supply giving a high pitched sound, Fans slowing down around each 5 seconds? Add this for the name and the value of the variable:.

Can someone help me please!