February 7, 2020


The WX has 24 cores and can execute up to 48 threads, which is another eight cores and 16 threads more than the X has. The number of drawbacks, however, may be a bit too much to bear. This article is dedicated to our latest main testing platform that will serve as the foundation on which we will conduct future benchmark articles of the most recent games. Let’s find out which claims will hold up to our review and which ones will fall victim to an overly zealous marketing department. The stylish case and plentiful security features point towards the laptop being an expensive business laptop.

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The x G1 is a versatile device thanks to its convertible design and long battery life. HP is putting a new spin on laptop convertibles inspired by antique cameras and wristwatches.

maxdata Belinea o.book 3 laptop

Unfortunately, CPU throttling means owners won’t benefit from the full performance of the hardware. Moreover, the smartphone is offered in new and unusual colors. The TravelMate offers all of this; however, Acer bargains away a better rating due to some downsides.

Read our review to find out.

However, it comes madata a price: The special thing about this new ZBook Studio is that it is a convertible. Find out in this extensive review why the overall evaluation is still worse than its predecessor’s.

You can find out in our review whether the comeback is successful. The latest model in the super-sleek EliteBook x series manages to be even smaller than last year’s model.


Madata out in our extensive review, whether the new EliteBook G1 succeeds in this. In this review, we examine the performance of the View Lite and compare it to the competition.

The Honor 10 represents this year’s flagship smartphone of the Huawei subsidiary, offering high-end specifications with a strong dual camera at a mid-range price. Please share our article, every link counts! Featuring mid-range technology and the modern Android 8. An understated laptop with plenty of gaming grit. The Redmi mxdata delivers an outstanding performance in addition to — or perhaps despite — the notch in the upper third of the display.

maxdata Belinea 3 laptop

Apple pretty much ignored its MacBook Air for a couple of years and there was much speculation about the end of the series. The CPU power of a traditional Ultrabook with the bells and whistles of a rugged laptop. The Huawei brand also carries a notebook as of late, although it is only available in Asia for the time being.

This latest iteration is a major improvement, but still far inferior to the higher-end Envy and Spectre series. We clarify in our review, what else the Sony XA2 Plus can do. Unfortunately, the dim display and poor Turbo Boost performance leave a lot to be desired. Find out in our detailed review whether the Pixel 3 XL is worth the money.

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Find out in what areas the Tab S4 falls short noebook for whom it is a worthwhile purchase in this detailed review. A few features had to be cut, but we think it’s well worth the sacrifice for on-the-go business users. Find out here how Razer managed to switch things up nohebook all the right places to create the most affordable inch Blade laptop yet. Notebookcheck Gaming PC Fit for the future. Due to the new processor and a dual camera setup, expectations for this newest model are high.


With the Sharp Aquos C10 mid-range smartphone, the manufacturer that is quite successful in Japan also tries to get a foot in the door in the West again as well. For one, it carries the narrowest bezels for a inch gaming laptop at just over 7 mm on all three sides.

Maxdata Q-Notebook P10 Windows XP Driver

The Toshiba Tecra A50 is a sleekly designed and modern looking Find out in this benchmark test the extent to which the hardware requirements have changed between F1 and Bugs, missing NPCs, weak story; the list of shortcomings is seemingly endless. However, Apple has not brought as many new features to the party as many would have liked.

Alexa and wireless charging.