July 31, 2020


Added some very old firmware for: Look on the DVD page for more infos. In fact, it’s a backup of the page who was made just before the page down. If you don’t have a RPC-1 drive yet, it’s really time to buy one now. They say the Eraser contained Pioneer copyrighted code, but it’s not true.

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If so, we would love for you to click the ‘like’ button above, so that more people can enjoy the plethora of device hardware and driver information available on this website. This utility created by Klaus Jensen is very similar with driveinfo but has option to save information about the settings of DVD and CDRW-drives to be added to a big mztshita firmware database.

This new firmware support the newly adopted DVD-R 2.

MATSHITA DVD-ROM SRA – updated driver [FOUND ]

Ported by whacker with the XVI help. I want to thanks greatly all the people who helped me to make a matshitz free DVD world”.

Updated the CD-R page and added firmware 1. The Great day is here!! Whenever attempting to setup the drivers correctly one should confirm that the recent layout will never colide with prior existing drivers. Look on the DVD page for more infos.


Panasonic Matshita Sr a Dvd Rom 6x/32x Firmware E15c

After code change counter is always 4. This firmware is RPC Here is a page with comparative results between C61f 5X firmware and 0W01 6X. Written by Dag Lem. Of course with the appropriate crack DVDgenie and remote selector.

Added some new drives in the list and updated some drives informations. If someone could send me a working burned DVD-R, i will be very grateful. Here dvd-eom a region free firmware for drive with firmware B The files also includes the flashing utility modified by NEO. February drives have 1. The Matshota GD on Mac is now completely region-free, the firmware has been tested thanks to to www.

It also is able to revert the drive to the Apple supported MA26, in case the drive has to be returned. Fekete Istvan have some problems with the Pioneer people who ask him to remove the Region Code Eraser.


To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using the patched 3X24 firmware. Make a look here.


You can make your drive region free by using this patched firmware 1. I think the only way to make them changing position, is an economical pressure until they release a region free firmware RPC1like they do before.

It’s a minor update. Patch are available for firmware 0. They also work with the Compaq GD and make the drive region free.

To make the drive region free use the Hitachi GD firmware instead. Actually untested as usual. Added an older firmware 1. The drive has been cancelled by Pioneer and has never been commercialized. HEX and Version 3. For firmware patchers only!!!

RPC-2 More infos here. The new version contain a new version of the flash utility who let you flash some non Apple drives.