March 4, 2020


I like piece of mind knowing that i can recover 1 of the drives from the other drive if need be. I configured the drive in RAID1 mode as i’m planning to used it for a backup for my media files photos, video and music. RAID 1 is ideal for storage of critical data. I still don’t have this working as I had hoped and waiting for my next inquiry to be answered by tech support. Access to several interfaces increases flexibility, but for speed, the eSATA interface is ideal. Be the first to review this item.

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Mac OS X As everything is being written twice, the array is only capable of holding half of its physical capacity. I configured the drive in RAID1 mode as i’m planning to used it for a backup for my media files photos, video and music.

Rated 1 out of 5 by Anonymous from not so great out of the quadfa This Hard-drive is perfect for backing up literally a whole tower. I was also pleased when I opened the box and found every cable I would ever need! Its minimalist black form is accented by a glowing blue LED strip which creates quadfa ambient glow at the front of the drive.

It offers transfer speeds up to 3 Gbps. You can choose between USB 2.

Hard Disk MAX

RAID 1 is ideal for storage of critical data. I needed lcie get a new bigger external hard drive because I’m an editor who needs a lot of space for video files, generally edit footage right off the hard drive, and it always works perfectly. Its one monster of a storage drive.


Plus, it’s nice to have all of the different connection options, I generally use the Firewirebut the others are great for if you have other computers, prefer other ways, or if you want to hook two external drives together. I like the blue light on the bottom, but others may not.

I’ll try to find somewhere I can hide it so I don’t hear it as much, but if that idea fails, I’m going to return it. My drive is running through an eSATA connection and is fast.

LaCie Hard Drives – LaCie Hard Disk Quadra

It’s simple to use and was designed for plug and play operation. I use this external hard drive for backup of data from my internal SATA drives. Pity, because I like everything else about it. Fast response, has never lagged, and plenty of space to hopefully last me a while. No Longer Available Update Maz close.

No problems to really talk about except the fact it went to sleep a few times after a really long transfer when I had left it alone. See any errors on this page? This creates a real-time copy of all information, at the cost of storage capacity and performance. The black-mirrored style of the drive is highlighted by an LED strip, which creates an ambient blue glow.


It can be used for increased mac and thanks to the front-side USB port, it can even be connected to another USB device. I really don’t think I can take this sound much more. The only downside is the corners are sharp and if you aren’t careful you may cut yourself.

The software offers customizable formatting to individualize the hard drive quxdra your needs. I have a few weeks and used a few times.

Its basically perfect for Videographer and photographer like myself that have a lot of files and footage to store. It even turns red to indicate any problems.

Lacie Hard Disk MAX Quadra Manuals

RAID 0 is ideal for use in environments where performance and capacity are paramount. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Rated 5 out of 5 by Tom from Great 2TB Hard Drive I fairly recently got this one when I was looking to buy a new 2TB hard drive, since it had excellent reviews for reliability, good price for the amount of space and options, and as an added bonus, looks pretty nice on my desk.