February 7, 2020


How to launch the tool, please help. Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Now I see the issue. Are you a developer? You need to login first Login Register Now. DWC3 also provides several trace events which help us gathering information about the behavior of the driver during runtime.

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It’s working fine for me.

Returns the TRB prior to the one pointed to by the index. Reply Post new threads Rate Like Favorites.

Here I will list some commonabnormalities and how to troubleshoot them; I hope it can provide some help tothose who need isov and any comment is welcomed if you discovered errors. Also, access to Synopsys Databook will be really valuable in this case.

Download the flash tool package FlashTools. Issue cmd with a given param to dwc and wait for its completion.

New! Intel USB Driver for Android Devices v.… | Asus ZenFone 2

Are you a developer? At the time of this writing, known tested versions range from 2. I already tried to uninstall and reinstall but it’s just the same, i don’t get any usg message as i try to open it. This limit is arbitrary but it has the benefit of adding up to exactly bytes, or 1 Page. We have one event iintel each of allocation, free, queueing, dequeueing, and giveback. Make sure to compress trace.


MironV OP Jun 5: If it still does not work, youcan only send the phone back to the us for repairs. All hardware endpoints can be assigned a transfer resource and this setting will stay persistent until either a core reset or hibernation.

This means that e. In order to start any of these test modes, the same strings can be written to the file and DWC3 will enter the requested test mode. Posts ZenCredit Points best answer Step three is to download the ZenFone5folder so that it can be written into the phone later on.

If any mods feel this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete the link.

Download Intel USB Drivers and isocUSB driver Setup

How to launch the tool, please help. Execute all necessary commands to initialize a HW endpoint so it can be used by a gadget driver. You need to login first Login Register Now. Download from the official website.


As soon as the fault is reproduced, make a copy of files trace and regdumplike so:. It will also tell you where our enqueue and dequeue pointers are located in the ring: This function will issue cmd with given params to dep and wait for its completion.

We are either preparing a TRB or completing it. Even after I signed up it told me that I was not authorized to view the page.

The screen showsthe USB icon immediately upon power on. Points policy of this forum Post reply Last page. Posts 19 ZenCredit 27 Points 69 best answer 0. Android Apps and Games. Posts 49 ZenCredit 66 Points best answer 0.

This file can also be written to in order to force link to one of the states above.