March 15, 2020


You will need to increase this value if the total size of any long data exceeds 1 megabyte. The data source name is supplied automatically and cannot be changed. However, the setting takes effect only if the Enable check box is selected. Now another window will pop up to enter the password, just enter the credential and click OK as shown below Now you have created the ODBC connection successfully, the next step is to create a new linked server in SQL Server. By default, the check box is not selected.

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New ASE OLE DB Provider by Sybase

Specify 1 to allow support of quoted identifiers. So you can see that whilst you are right the ODBC driver can be used, it is not what I am looking for.

Could you please help? Please help me with this issue.

Creating Linked server to SYBASE from SQL Server – SQL-Articles

Hi, I am dealing this same issue now. By default, the check box is selected. Is there any resolution to this.

The provider string values are not written to the system information. The initial default is 15 seconds. Network Protocol Specifies the name of the Sybase netlib to use for application communication. Otherwise, this option is ignored. The data source name is supplied automatically and cannot be changed.


Type the default logon ID used to connect to your Sybase database. Exactly the same experience for me. If anyone has, please share it to me. Hello, I am trying to make this procedure but when I test the connection, right after I give the information on the Login window, appears the following error:. Stored Proc Row Count: Net ADO package from the custom install. Specifies the name used by Sybase to identify your application.

The default is Winsock. The data source can be the default data source that comes with the provider olecb a data source that you have created with the Configuration Manager.

Interfaces File Specifies the path name of the Interfaces file. If this Registry value is empty, then the provider attempts to open the SQL. Nistall option is valid only when the data provider is enlisted in a distributed transaction and when it is connected to a Sybase ASE version 12 database.

Sybase IQ OLEDB driver installation steps & Configuration for Windows – SAP Q&A

Perform the following actions:. When this check box is not selected, the new log file stbase the existing log file. Are you able to test connection from DSN? Select whether print statements are sent back to the user as separate result sets.


Sybase Support for OLE DB and ODBC

In addition, the provider supports the ICommand interface, which allows a consumer to get a rowset that meets a specific criteria. Append to Existing Output File: I am trying to execute the stored procedures in below ways. Insfall email address will not be published. When set to Last Statement Only the initial defaultthe row count from the last SQL statement in the stored procedure is returned.

The download, once you have it, will imstall a whole bunch of extras that you wont need.

Having recently been down this road myself, I can only suggest that you wont find the answer through searching the net. I can find mention of an ADO.