February 7, 2020


When ring tones and wallpapers expire, they are automatically removed from their respective lists. Recent Calls To view the details of an item on the list: Calls placed between the United States and Canada do not require an international access code. You can view or change these options: Shortcuts If you assigned a voice name to the shortcut: Ring Tones Ring Tones Ring Tones To set the ring tone your phone makes when you receive phone calls, call alerts, message notifications, or Datebook reminders: Page Index in Contacts 48, 50 memory 72 off 70 setting 70 setting in Contacts 71 vibrate 70 viewing assigned 71 Ringer see also Ring tones off Safety accessory battery electromagnetic interference medical devices radio frequency Security Send key 2 Sent items 82,

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How to Unlock iDen i760

To repeat the part of the slide show you have just viewed, scroll left or scroll up. Deleting Attachments Pictures and audio recordings are saved to the media center.

Page 33 From the idle screen, press the number on your keypad assigned to the Group you want. Voice Records 2 Say the message you want to record into the microphone. You can store events over a 13 month period — 12 months after and 1 month before the current date. Deleting Items If you delete a DRM item that you purchased from Nextel from your phone, you will have to purchase it again to download it.


Motorola i760-White, Blue-Iden-Cellular Phone

If you have an IT Administrator, you ideen need to review your company’s policy for desktop software and determine any necessary technical or security requirements. OK key — selects highlighted item; answers calls. For more information on setting up your computer and your i phone for packet and circuit data calls, go to nextel. Calls and Call Alerts The recent calls list contains the numbers of up to 20 of the most recent calls you have made and Resolution – Refers to the width and the length od the additional display.

Temporary Profiles Profiles When you do this, your phone either: Page 25 3 Open the SIM card holder. Profiles A profile is a group of settings saved together so that you can apply them to your phone easily.

If an extension cord must be used, make sure that: In month view, i60 with events appear with a marker in the corner. Profiles When you do this, your phone either: Embedded objects and attachments are included when you forward a message.

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Another way idenn keep the GPS feature of your phone working well is to keep your satellite almanac data up to date. To dismiss the message notification Ring And Vibrate These icons indicate ide the ringer is set. Main Menu 4 Press O to see the Security screen. If this happens when you are making an emergency call, the location of the nearest cell tower in contact with your phone is made available to the appropriate emergency response center if the center has the capability to receive such information.


Within 7 mins I had the choice of two codes and the second code worked straightaway.

Java Applications 4 Select Delete All. The phone vibrates instead of making a sound for phone calls. To change the current view: It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for exposure to radiofrequency RF energy set by the Federal Communications Commission of the U.

Delete a Number or Address 1 From the Contacts list, scroll to the entry that contains the number or address you want to Using Java applications may cause your phone to use up more battery power than other uses of jden phone. Editing Entries Only pictures that can be assigned to Contacts entries are displayed.

You can transfer pictures from your phone to your computer using a data cable and software that you can download from nextel. Took a while but it worked Written on: Select the Contacts type field. Page Airtime charges will be idfn for the entire period during which a call or Direct Connect transmission is connected to the Nextel network.