February 14, 2020


Message 1 of 4. The specifics are available here: Three years parts and labor battery: Supports up to 4GB maximum memory. Continuing the tradition, the T60 is rather scarce on ports.

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ThinkPad T60 with 1.83GHz Core Duo and ATI X1300 Review (pics, specs)

And of course, there are no card readers. I have this question too. Speakers There are two stereo speakers at the lower front of the notebook. This is definitely a minus, because at can damage the palm rest flex cables if you are not careful. Cons Narrow screen viewing angles non-Flexview.

Supports up to 4GB maximum memory. I spoke to a real person after only going through two menus, which was nice. Lenovo ThinkPad T60 screen view large image Speakers: Front side view view large image. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Processors and Performance Built for multitasking, Intel Core Duo feels noticeably snappier than a Pentium M of similar clock aati. Can return within 30 days, no questions asked handy if have dead-pixels Can configure system Can use EPP discounts.

The battery lasts about 3 hours with a decent amount of hard drive and processor usage copying files and installing programs.


Dedicated graphics in a I recently purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad T60 for school. Hi everyone, this is my first thread and I really hope that you can help me.

New ThinkPad T60 and T60p notebooks feature Intel Core 2 Duo processors

In this scenario, the battery lasted 3. This slows down the boot time to two minutes. Unzipping 30 files at a time with Winrar proved to be a lot faster than with my old Pentium M. There are two stereo speakers at the lower front of ibn notebook.

Right side view view large image. My old Dell m and keyboards would flex if you pressed decently hard. I installed it, and the third monitor did nothing – says “Cable not connected” I have been trying to figure this out now for a couple of days.

Last edited by korg91 ; T60 comes standard with Windows XP Professional. The speakers are decently loud, loud enough for me to hear the music clearly with the lawnmower right outside the window window closed of course. The T60 in comparison is rock solid.

Oh I forgot it. The only gripe that I have is the small sizes of the Windows and Alt keys.


overclock ATI X on a Lenovo Thinkpad T60 – Phoronix Forums

While typing this, I realized that the reason why T notebooks have so few ports is nothing other than a ploy to have you spend more money to buy a dockā€¦ Expandability T60 comes with a PC card slot and an ExpressCard slot, which you can use to add peripherals, e. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. All in all, I think this laptop will fit my needs, which includes Photoshop, 3d modeling and rendering, perfectly.

Customer Support From what I hear, Thinkpad customer support is one of the better ones out there. Colors look good and contrast is crisp.

Finally, the palm rest plastic is very flexible. Where and How Purchased Having considered the pros jbm cons I listed ahi, I s1300 to buy from an online third-party retailer called Costcentral. With fingerprint scanner, you can grant others access to your computer without sharing passwords.