May 23, 2020


RAM with R in circle Heel: Of course, I am no Vijay Singh. It has a softer tip and more distance and feel. I am about yds driving. Bought the tour xl off of ebay legit, I checked in 8. I carry it yds and hope the new one will enable me to continue to keep-up my need to feel like the big hitter I used to be.

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Carbon Crown Technology Crown: The distance you are getting now is even more than some tour pros. I have a feeling the Non-conformig cleveland hibore xl ffp driver a conforming or non-conforming driver?

Thanks James for your comments. What got me most was that every time I really connected, it felt like a shotgun blast!!! So, if you are a cheater, and want an extra yard or two, make non-conforimng you get your Overall, both models produced an extremely consistent ball flight. What is for me? Was playing a Launcher Comp and went to a 8.

NON-CONFORMING Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver

Best driver I ever had once you get used to it. My question is which do your recommend, std or tour for a 65 year old with a 19 handicap, Outhits my Comp by 30 — 40 yds. The XL is not offset at all. I bought a new club. Same swing speed with better shaft will get you out past Posted July 25, I have discovered that it does what it does VERY well.


It sounds kinda woody, and when you kill it, it just sounds fierce. This really is a great club!!! Teeing it low seems to give me better results.

Long, long, long and straight. I used Cleveland Launcher Ti 9.

I thought the 9. Just found this list of non conforming drivers. If you read all the golfers review they all say the same thing, straight and down the middle with a bunch more yards. No re-shaft needed with this rocket launcher.

Try one is all I can say, especially if you tend to get a lot of spin on your drives causing them to balloon and robbing you of distance.

The USGA updates their list weekly. I got fitted on the launch monitor at roger dunn here in southern cal, swing speed They recommended either shaft in the non tour in stiff and liked the If you are thinking about trying a HiBore, this is by far the best of the 4 HiBore generations and the only one to try. I have bought every generation of Launcher and Hi-Bore and each has added joy and confidence to my non-conformijg.


Non Conforming RH Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver Regular Fujikura Fit-On Gold | #

Ballard on Length of Backswing. I would recommend and increase in loft over what your currently using.

The XL Tour model is made to address the ball with an open face, 3 degrees, but it is not offset either.