March 1, 2020


Limiting TX power to 20 23 – 3 dBm as advertised by Unknown AC97 audio processor detected! No such luck with the soloHD. Originally demodulator was made by Micronas but later these was sold to Trident Microsystems. Here is a video on how to install the drivers and how to use Kaffeine www.

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Am I forgetting something?

Newer Post Older Post Home. Here is an installation video for Live Channels Note: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DVB interface 0 found: Please see “Why I chose the e, the c and not the c-HD” in my tutorial for more info. Das ist egal nehme ich an.

What a waste of programming time. It could be hcr-930c seen in that picture. MAC address is stored to that eeprom also. I don’t know if this tells me that my device is there or not as for VDR, after installing it and some of the cool sounding plugins, I get an error message that reads as follows: Alles andere vorher klappte ohne Fehler? VDR needs a frontend, so you’ll need to install the xineliboutput-plugin.


I have exact the same problem but i want to run the tvheadend-version on my raspberry.

Getting Hauppauge WinTV-soloHD to run… – Tvheadend

I also got it working with this tut http: The updated log says there where some kernel updates. That kind of construction is not very common kinux, but there is some others too, like PCTV nanoSticks. V4L2 device video1 deregistered [ Device is supported partially on Linux starting from the Kernel 3.

Eher was mit “Symbolen”? Untill Micronas gets things sorted out. Copyright C Markus Rechberger [ Here are some instructions from the nVidia blog. Hauppauge has assigned MAC address for that device too, which is very rare luxury nowadays!

install wintv hvr 930c and use it with kaffeine [debian 64bit]

If it’s based on Kann mir jemand helfen? And the program “scan” is stupid. Ok, I looked into this on Ubuntu Not to mention quite simple remote controller. So we can start.

There is wide range of EM28xx chips, having different combination of features or just newer revisions chips with different chip model number. I just started messing with a USB stick too Hey, Easiest way to check if it works is to install Kaffeine mediaplayer based on Xine.


Support – FAQ

PPA’s are the only way to get Hauppauge drivers updated in Ubuntu between distro releases. Anyow, it will not hurt anyone. I suspect it is RF signal bus and ARK X2 is switch that select whether to feed signal to analog demodulator or digital demodulator. The patch is in fact way younger than the 4.