February 3, 2020


In , Swervedriver signed on with Geffen Records with a multi-record deal, and promptly began recording their fourth album. So when does Jez [Hindmarsh] come in? I can think of maybe three off the top of my head. Musically, there was some acknowledgement of their British labelmates, including “Duress”, co-written with Marc Waterman producer of Ride’s first album. In , Swervedriver released the “Sandblasted” E. They picked up on the whole Detroit petrolhead vibe and developed a healthy obsession with American car culture, although few of them actually owned cars.

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Although everything seemed to be going well — advance copies of the album were generating positive responses — Swervedriver was about to receive their biggest disappointment. In Junethe band announced a five-date tour in Australia for late September—early October during which they would be performing Raise in its entirety along with “old and new highlights”.

This is you, Adi? Is there a set pattern or structure you adhere to for each project when writing, or is it frznklin an organic process?

You tend to find that a lot of backwater towns like Stroud often throw up some of the most memorable gigs because the audiences are up for it more as they don’t get to see that many touring bands.

Juggernaut Still Rides: Behind the Scenes and Times of Swervedriver

This success was followed closely by their debut album, Raisedfeatured their earlier singles. We were in Vancouver, Montreal maybe, and we booked time in the rehearsal rooms and he flew out to do it with us.

After he swervwdriver agreed to speak to Hartridge, Bonnar told him he wanted out of the band. We did the drums in, like, three days with Matt Durrant, the drummer from Sianspheric, in a little studio in Toronto [Broadcast Lane].


The group wrote what would become Swervedriver’s first classic “Son of Mustang Ford,” however after a few years the band began to fall apart when both Graham and Paddy left.

Bonnar had franilin during the Raise tour. Sample of “The Birds” from Ejector Seat Reservation demonstrating Swervedriver’s incorportion of classic pop influences and George’s deep bass lines.

And spent about two weeks laying stuff down. And the band was up for it.

Swervedriver |

Every week each grsham had to find something to talk about. Archived from the original on 22 September How long did the basic tracking take for Mezcal Head?

I gotta say that something that really sparked my interest in this was hearing the live version of “Sandblasted” that has been posted for some time at swervedriver.

He’s a guitar tech and works with lots of touring bands all over the world. So Jez was in on the demoing franklih. And even when we do play some of the older songs it actually feels like this is happening now rather than twenty swervedriger ago or whatever.

Juggernaut Still Rides: Behind the Scenes and Times of Swervedriver – PopMatters

However Adam Grajam had once mentioned the band liked the connotation of a speeding driver, swerving and ultimately losing control of their car. Jimmy Hartridge, Paddy [Pulzer], swervedricer was the original drummer, and my brother [Graham Franklin], who was the original singer when we were Shake Appeal.

By the time we got around to making Ejector Seat Reservation I couldn’t wait to get back to using an old drum kit again. And in the world [of commercial radio] you don’t get that luxury. And it was a good way to record. And we thought, do we need a bass player, really?


Yeah, it was surprising to hear all the solos.

In interviews from this period, Adam begins to namecheck Elvis Costello, and his influence can be heard in the stream-of-consciousness narrative lyrics swervedirver songs like “Harry and Maggie”, “Last Train to Satansville” and “Hands”.

At the time it was just the local studio. Will they opt for the Pixies’ approach to the reunion and limit themselves to live dates or will they, like the recently reunited Dinosaur Jr. Those foreign influences both piqued McGee’s interest in the band and convinced swervedrivr that Swervedriver’s commercial potential was greatest in the United States.

In Photos: Public Service Broadcastin…

Swervedriveg the only two original members in the current line-up. However, in an unusual show of good faith, Geffen let the band walk away with the masters, thereby freeing Swervedriver to sign to its third label in the U.

If I come up with an idea, the three of us will end up tweaking it until we’re all happy with how it sounds. I just think the scope of what you were doing was so much bigger with the only similarity being the claustrophobic mix style. Interview “I wouldn’t want Swervedriver to become a legacy act”: