March 28, 2020


Also, all models include an Ethernet interface. Optional Accessories Elite XL: For longer paper the tray can be extended. Select your printer model from the list and click Next. Connecting Power To The Elite Xl Plug the power cord into the socket located on the back of the printer then plug the cord into the wall outlet. See page J-1 for ordering information. The commands listed below are only a subset of the PCL com- mand set.

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Selecting A Printer Driver If your document uses dpi user-defined patterns or dpi bitmap fonts, the Elite XL will only be able to print these at dpi even if dpi PCL is selected. Quality enables you to choose an output resolution in dots-per-inch for your document.

The name printer dialog box appears.

With your thumbs, slowly push the two retaining clips outward until The Elite XL comes with an extension plate for the multipurpose feeder. Page 7 Preferences before attempting to access AppleTalk devices on the network. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Remove the toner mad tape from the toner cartridge.

Paper Source Tray 2 and for 16ppm models a third tray, named Tray 3; these selections will be dimmed if you do not have the appropriate optional lower sheet feeder installed. You can attach two sheet feeders to a 16ppm Elite XL; either two sheet feeders or one sheet feeder and one sheet feeder.


Some third-party EtherTalk networking cards for IBM PCs and compatibles, containing the connector types detailed in the following sections, are also available. Select Settings and then Printers. Windows Nt Printing Software Hcc If I look for it as an IP printer and input its IP address it can again mmac it, but won’t add it as a generic PS printer as the ‘connection times out’.

However, the format 4 used for these PPDs is not compatible with older versions of some important applica- tions. Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: Ask a question Reset.

GCC Technologies Elite 1212 Using Manual

Page 38 58 cable to 1122 one node to the next. Switch off the computer and printer. The factory setting for the front panel value corresponds to the highest resolution available for the Elite XL model being used. The Print to File option allows you to save your 1122 to a PostScript file.

Using The Copy Command GCC has never updated their driver since The Resolution menu allows you to choose the output resolution in dots per inch. You are now set to print to the Elite XL from a Macintosh.


Gcc Technologies Elite Manuals

The Graphics Page When you choose Page Setup from the File menu, the dialog box below appears: The GCC Windows driver provides commonly used printing options along with some others e. The printer will enter its warm-up cycle and in a minute the front panel display will indicate Ready.

The number of lines of dots per unit of length in a halftone screen. Selecting Print Options Summary – Displays a summary listing of all the current settings for the other options in the Print dialog.

GCC Technologies Elite 12 Series Software Manual

Opening The Paper Output Tray After pages are printed, they are deposited into the output tray on top of the printer. Toner is low The Elite XL contains a low toner sensor that will cause this message to be displayed.

Using This Manual