February 7, 2020


How can you verify that the results that you see are really the ones that you are supposed to see? It has a disadvantage. All the objects related to a particular page of a web application are stored in a class. Be ready to read code and experiment a lot which luckily is easy with Python. How the Currentenvironment variable is used. Limitation on what can be checked from the UI.

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Q4 How is Selenium different from commercial browser automation tools?

Selenium Interview Questions

The text of the elements to be found. I j tried using FF3. No need to run a separate server 3. It is difficult to assess the risk associated with particular Ajax applications Given full freedom to developers to modify Selenijm application makes the testing process challenging Creating automated test request may be difficult for testing tools as such AJAX application often use different encoding or serialization technique to submit POST data.

Very mature and complete API 3. Earlier we have made a video on how to use BrowserStack to run selenium scripts on the cloud. These web elements can be buttons, drop boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, labels etc.


In Selenium WebDriver, how do you select an item from a drop-down menu? There are two main listeners i. When this happens the reference of the element in the DOM becomes stale. I have a interview scheduled on selenium ruby, java need help preparing for the interview. It is important to note that selenium is mainly used for browser automation. The test coverage for WebDriverWait is also helpful to look at. This means you need to run the Selenium-RC server to get around the same-origin policy, which can sometimes cause issues with browser setup.

There are javadocs here, rubydocs here, python docs here.

frequrntly Q26 No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it selenium. TypeKeys will trigger JavaScript event in most of the cases whereas.

Subsequently, all changes to support that new UI is located in one place.

To switch your entire suite to another Base URL, simply put a qsked set-environment case at the start. It creates a connectivity between Java Programming Language and the database.

100 Most Popular Advanced Selenium Interview Questions And Answers

How is it useful in terms innterview Selenium? The answers to these interview questions are for guidance only. Read more about fundamental test process. Agile Testing Interview Questions are designed to test your knowledge of agile principles and testing practices.


Automation testing is a process in which software tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released into production.

The best approach to handle this kind of situations in selenium is to use dynamic waits i. But not as effectively as a dedicated Performance Testing tool like Loadrunner.

+ Advanced Selenium Interview Questions (Updated )

There are three ways Junit: Rajkumar, This is really useful for preparing interview. Automation testing is the process of testing a software or application using an automation testing tool to find the defects.

TestNG listeners asksd used to configure reports and logging. In this design, we get the best of both methodologies, and it is kind of practical in most of the automation cases.

Java, CPython, and Ruby, are all supported directly by the development team. The default setting is o.