February 13, 2020


Hi alls, I ve installed a new PC, with two sound cards. Pretty crazy, I have tried 2. This problem is appared until my new computer, never it on XP. How much is a SDR Worth?? Claim or contact us about this channel. Forward power reading with SDR 2. From everything I have read there is no such thing as a trial version of ip-sound.

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I’d like to get one Radio stays keyed up when started. Hi alls, I ve installed a new PC, with two sound cards. Pretty crazy, I have flfxradio 2.

Are they still available? Anyone have any idea what the problem could be??

The display reads properly when I use 1. I hate to spend the money on the program if it”s not going to work!!! As per the subject i’m looking to obtain a Poor mans UCB. I think the loud noise is from a nearby factory and it varies a lot but now I know that the TNF’s are additive.


As best I can tell, it is not flxradio as I listen on another radio. Thanks Jim w4wwj size]. So had made a parallel cable for my sdr and was using it in leu of a storebought one.

I just got a SDRd model usbiio today.

Someone said it installs something needed by the newer versions. Claim or contact us about this channel. SDR goes to TX mode on power on.

Are you the publisher? I looked on the post in the search area but didn’t find the answer. It has never seen any smoking in its lifetime.

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So I stacked another on top of it and wow!! So far things are working OK. The issue is getting the Delta 44 driver to work properly. Configured the sample rate.

Just wonder if the newer version worked with no problems. Well I gave up trying to use 2.

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Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. The analog reading needle looks okay.


Have any of you done this? Can I just get any parallel port add-on card from new egg or, do I need a certain one? Also, see the reviews of this rig with the FA66 and you will subio that it is among the very best ever produced.

Shuddle Pro for sale.

[Flexradio] for vista bit

Am I on the right track and just mess up or what?? I think maybe the audio on the vac is not strong enough or the reminder to register the program is causing the problem!!! So if I go into the wave menu and use the record button, it records just fine but playback wont go out over the airwaves, if I use the Quick Record it does work.