March 25, 2020


If you can get the drivers to work, don’t bother with the Control application. II is capable of reading the LTC code from a master tape machine at even 1. Was using logic 6. I usually appreciate high-touch aspirations, but it just seems to come out awkwardly when they try it. Anyhow, as a simple Mac user, my head’s spinning already: Ask a question Reset. Unitor 8 – windows 8.

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Someone got it working with 7 32 bit if I’m not mistaken. Hi Reaperites, I’ve done my first level of searches without success emavic I’d be grateful for some guidance please? I browsed the Logic forum for a bit but then saw that the iConnect Mio was listed as in stock at Sweetwater, so I’m giving that a shot.

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Glad you found this useful. There’s a free 60 days demo, so check it out! I’m thinking Mr Hayden I have removed the Logic Platinum serial hardware key while trying to both install the drivers and use the Unitor8 which did not help the.


Then you have to reinstall the drivers, and it is good to keep the files handy. I haven’t picked up on timing problems, though I haven’t really investigated any.

II quickly fits into any computer environment. Logic Pro X, Windows 8. This site was designed with the. The ESI stuff is well regarded. Post by Danny Post by Danny Could likely be that the ‘. Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum.

Is Unitor 8 running on XP or Vista? – Logic Pro Help

Jan 31, Posts: I have an AMT8 and love it. Sitecom Cn Driver Download. I don’t foresee myself ever mapping routings out in software, for example. Site Design by 3dB Creative. Wed Oct 10, 7: Worth a look, too, since I’ve been wanting an additional controller. After installing the latest Unitor driver Windowsver. A shame that the iOS wasn’t available yet, as it would have utility beyond my current emgaic.

Get a Steinberg Midex and everything’s fine – at least on 7. I sent that case, but I knew it worked on Linux.


I’m hoping that some kind Logic user might offer a recommendation that will allow me to be lazy about researching this. LUG logic user group http: Sat Aug 23, 4: What I had in mind in that direction might actually require a midi merge function, which says patch bay again.

Post by Danny Could likely be that the unitr8. It would take maybe one day to put the drivers out. The most basic use is really all I am after. My Unitor died about 6 months ago. It appears to my limited looks so far that the answer is probably “no” however, a registry hack may work?

Thanks for the link and the suggestion. Its apple buying emagic that got me to dump macs.