June 30, 2020


Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. It offers many settings and configuration options. The device offers the base electronics to control up to eight filter boards, the filter boards can be freely selected by the user. Oh yes, an “a uto notch” is also available. So you know what ‘s going on at the tuned frequency. The board offers the required supply voltage as well. However Elad also has a technical consultancy and measurements branch for the industry and produces its own advanced test equipment.

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Filter charts Elad SPF Great performance at a fair price.

After an initial setup all filter selection is fully automatic. Size x 27 x 88mm, weight g. It is the first SDR I know that allows automation in such an extensive way. Unfortunately it is not known at the moment, if this software extension will be available for free or as a payable option. I tested the version 3.

It is not as easy to use as the Perseus software. And a b ig plus for the SW1, it is freely scalable up to screen size! Use of this filter is in principle also possible for other receiver brands as well. The software of the receiver provides means to fdj-s1 band edges for each filter, where switchijg should occur.


The board offers the required supply voltage as well. All in all I find this a very interesting package. So you do not need any external software to receive DRM stations. It is possible to import the the Eibi frequency list in CSV format.

Receiver and Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Where the Elad has to make a few concessions is large signal performance. The breadboard space is available for own electronics. The software versatility and qualities have surprised me, as well as the possibilities of the FDM-S1 in combination with the SFE board. That is much easier than with other SDRs.

FDM-S1 Receiver

The device offers the base electronics to control up to eight filter boards, the filter boards can be freely selected by the user. Add to shopping cart.

Additionally the new AD converter has fdm-1s word length of 16 Bit, which allows for a finer resolution and an improved dynamic range. Elad Italy does offer various SDRs for several years.

To make good use of the entire frequency range one can add external bandpass filters. Each frequency can be stored in memories, only limited by disk storage space. Adjust every receiver independently to operating mode, filter, volume, squelch and so on. Using an Arduino board to convert this information from another system would be a nice weekend project. The tuning steps can be customized, as well as the bandwidth filters up to 24 kHz width.


Recently a noise blanker NB has been integrated. The Perseus has the lead by only a small margin, because its audio is a tad biased towards treble and thus more intelligible than the Elad.

Elad FDM-S1 | The SWLing Post

But the Elad can be retrofitted with an external preselector. The SPF pre-selector is not suitable for use with tranceivers, only to be used with receivers. I did experience overload, however – customer service!

All functions are software defined and can be enhanced or modified through software updates. Further the FDM-SW1 software allows to define an indefinite number of band segments, where fmd-s1, filter and tuning steps are pre defined.