April 3, 2020


If you looked very closely at the Eizo you could make out the individual pixels and on certain solid colours you could maybe pick out a very small amount of cross-hatching. This might have been better as a separate section in the menu we felt, as it was a bit fiddly getting to the Turbo option for instance through a few levels of menu. All in all the menu seemed to offer a decent set of options. Not only can it support Hz, but it also integrates a special backlight system designed for reduced motion blur, dubbed ‘Turbo ‘. Monitor Specifications Size

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The dimensions of the screen are shown above for reference. Might have been nice to keep this up to date with them perhaps. This eizoo allow us to give a good estimation of how much of the overall lag is attributable to the signal processing element on its own. On the Eizo there is certainly nothing as noticeable as on the Dell screen. If we account for half the average G2G response time 4.

This includes relevant applications and graphics cards as well, so to many people this bit support might be irrelevant.

EIZO Foris FGBK – LED monitor – Full HD (p) – 24″ Overview – CNET

Information about whether the stand can be dismounted. Interestingly the FG isn’t the first screen eizl use this panel, as Eizo had already released a very niche and expensive model aimed at satellite imagery a couple of months prior. It’s also not an official feature, and requires a third party “hack” to get it working, so it’s far from ideal.


The spec also lists maximum power consumption of 53W but that may mean when devices are connected via USB as well, it doesn’t specify. Not great if you are working with solid colours or doing colour critical work, but then that’s not really the market for this screen.

As usual we also tested the screen with an all black image and in a darkened room. Click for larger version The FG comes in an all-black design from the front, with matte black plastics used for the bezel, stand and base.

We stuck with the 2. Maybe we could have had a bit more flexibility from the stand, and a working DCR function would have been nice too. The off-centre contrast shift might be distracting perhaps if viewing the screen fg241 on and viewing a lot of dark content.

For an external device you will be limited to 60Hz and we found the Turbo effect to look odd at that refresh rate, so probably wouldn’t be advisable to use then. We have fg221 told that AU Optronics are not planning at this time to produce any Hz compatible VA panels incidentally. A rather obvious ghost image appears as part of the foria object, and the image doesn’t look right. The stock settings to choose from are good.

The signal processing element within that is quite hard to identify without extremely high end equipment and very complicated methods. Tests were made using an X-rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter. It’s very hard as a result to produce a technique which will measure just forie signal processing on its own unfortunately.


We had an average dE now of 2. The type of backlight determines the image quality and the color space of the display.

Foris FG2421.

The response time is split from the overall display lag and shown on the graph as the green bar. There is also an option to alter the black level if you want to and you can select from the various temperature and gamma modes here too. The eiz uniformity of the screen was moderate overall. Just received this monitor, I took a bit of a gamble as I knew there fogis QC issues in the past.

It is then presented as a percentage. Fg242 signal input is increased from 60 frames per second fps to fps, something particularly useful for gaming and fast moving content.

23.5″ EIZO Foris FG2421 – Specifications

Perhaps some limitations scaling Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: Power Consumption On mode. Like the Eizo’s Turbo mode, you are able to reduce the motion blur even more through the use of the LightBoost strobed backlight which we talked about in depth in our article about Motion Blur Reduction Backlights.

A good factory calibration requires all 3 to be well set up.