March 25, 2020


Also be aware that the change in the backend to support 4K might slow the application down on low end systems. You can try this version: I am glad that you fixed the features mentioned in the first post. All in all, DScaler is a very useful application with tons of filters and editing tools for anybody who has a video capture card. But do you think you could make this patch work with the D3D one over here? Note that the deinterlacer is only applying on the viewed image, captured content is always the raw input stream.

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Dscaler has lots of setting. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Dscale saw some posts by others refering bcbedit and using F8 to skip driver signing, but as expected these are Vista-only and don’t exist in Windows XP Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver.

Have you tried hardware deinterlacing? I use sometimes temporal noise filter, however it is a averaging box filter over two frames.

It works on at least a few systems but more testing is required. Filters included with this program are colorimetry, color inversion, gamma, histogram, linear correction, logo killer, mirror, sharpness, noise reduction, temporal comb and “adaptive noise reduction”.


Ok, so I’ve been searching escaler for any info on how to get this working, but all I get is stuff from 7 years ago saying to point ffdshow bit version to the proper directory. If you have time, please make a complete release package, which can be installed, plus the source files, including new changelog and help file.

DScaler – Download

But I don’t know dscalef the bit version will work correctly. The number of options here is pretty high and can be accessed from the main menu bar. In comparison to 4.

Yes and each has its use.

When I reboot it’ll start up fine again. We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans. Are somewhere some recommendation for S-Video Dos Recording?

Works perfectly with vista x64 on my hauppauge tuner. Included with the support of digital video input sources, DScaler can also deal with analog sources without any issues. Thanks for X6 to get the x64 driver url was just temporarily unaviable. DScaler for Windows x Last one is interlaced by default.

DScaler for Windows x64

I will move this message later too. Sun Apr 22, 4: UEFI boot seems to cause issues that leave the cards in a escaler state’ after boot.


It replaced some files so I assume dscaleer actually changed something. The Yadif implementation of ffdshow is outdated compared to the one from LAV. Tue Mar 20, The number of input sources available with DScaler is as high as your video input card can handle and includes webcams, game console playback, DVD, PVR, Blu-ray or anything else connected to your dscale video capture device.

The bit version of ffdshow doesn’t include a DScaler plugin.

I can have a look into the driver build though they should be identical as I haven’t changed anything there. Even if it doesn’t work, thanks for trying. It always depends what the filter algorithm actually does and what you want to accomplish.

Thu Dec 20, That’s interesting, I can’t seem to find the x64 version z64 Backspace removes the message. If you still get some message about e.