February 20, 2020


That is caused by the other fields in the row being NULL. I try to start the service and it fails with no errors. More exotic option – BIND10 , while still work in progress, yet developers claim that people actually use it in production. This is the solution I’d recommend. Using single quotes would have made escaping SQL queries nasty, too. The second parameter “-d 1” sets BIND’s debug level to 1.

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Using DLZ in BIND

The next section “postgres zone” is the label for this configuration segment. December 8th, 5. This query is used by findzone in the Postgres driver. To return absolute instead of relative hostname data, an extra “. For completeness, to address the original requirement “dynamically update zone files without having to restart bind”: Instead of imposing a database schema, the driver accepts SQL queries with a few special tokens as parameters.

Ppstgres best, these DNS servers support basic features and usually only have the ability to use one database server with a pre-defined database schema.

This string must be in the proper format for BIND to use it properly. For more information, see: Here is the best part though: I’ve tried a few different ppostgres. The Postgres driver will print each SQL query it is about to run when the debug level is set to at least 1.


This driver has been tested on Windows 2K and Redhat Linux 7. Join Date Jul Beans 6.

Bind9 and PostgreSQL

Note, however, that DLZ has no built-in support for DNS notify; slaves are not automatically informed of changes to the zones in the database. However, it can be used in a hidden master configuration, with slaves retrieving zone updates via AXFR. You can divide your data up into even more fields if you like, as long as the concatenation of the data makes sense to BIND.

Open to any solutions really if posrgres could point me in the right direction. If your system builds BIND multi-threaded by default, then you should configure your server to use more database connections. The allnodes query is actually the simplest to understand because it makes use of all the fields and has the fewest options.

Knowledge Articles-Using DLZ in BIND

Now it shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes including compilation time to get it up and running. The problem is I need to be able to dynamically update zone files without having to restart bind. The MySQL documentation has a list of which systems are built single threaded by default. Thanks for your help. I was also investigating this issue recently, and here’s my conclusions: If you will have TXT records in your database psotgres sure to wrap the TXT records with double quotes in both the lookup and allnode queries.


Bind-Users forum – Bind9 and PostgreSQL

This parameter is optional and always located at argv[6]. This query is used by allowzonexfr in the Postgres driver. NS1 is not a fully qualified domain name.

The second parameter “-d 1” sets BIND’s debug level to 1. It is not the right answer, but the behavior is correct.

Eventually, however, the fields marked with “string num ” are turned into numbers by BIND or the Postgres driver. Notice all the extra spaces at the end of the data string. SDLZ driver failed to load. That is caused by the other fields in the row being NULL.

August 4th, 3.