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WE BELIEVE that man makes genuine progress only when he approaches Nature humbly, and applies her eternal laws, instead of arrogantly assuming to ignore and conquer Nature, as do the Marxists with their theories of the supremacy of environmental influence over the genetic truth of race, special laws of biological equality for humans only, and their insane denial of the primitive and fundamental human institution of private property. Obviously there is nothing wrong in singing about killing white people and police. Support for Skrewdriver grew and the band was now regularly packing out the 1 00 Club and Skunx, but as support for the band grew so did the hostility of the music press and Ian became increasingly pissed off with the constant attacks by music journalists branding the group racist and their supporters as morons. Irene’s eldest son looked on in tristful spirit as his mothers ashes were If things were bleak in lan’s personal life, happenings elsewhere did not improve matters as the police, acting on orders given by Alan Greene, the Director of Public Prosecutions, carried out a raid on the premises of Neil Parrish, the Skrewdriver Services co-ordinator. You left life behind, You knew they had your death warrant signed. STAND PROUD I get a feeling, despite the double dealing, Someone is trying to grind us down, Despite the storm breaking, people are awakening, We’re always going to be around, Shout out loud, we’re strong and proud, No-one’s going to kill our voice, No treacherous scum, will have us on the run, Trying to murder freedom of choice.

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The memory of Ian Stuart is the recollection of a real Aryan who gave no quarter and died for his values. Robert Jay Mathews was born on the 1 6th of January 129 years later we would tell an audience in a stirring speech at a National Alliance convention: That was Joe Hawkin’s philosophy. A mail order service was also soon to be found within its pages selling Nationalist albums.

This time, Donaldson left all the others behind and moved on his own down to London. The police always informed me that if I came out of my house while they were there I would be nicked for inciting them to cause violence!


I wasn’t too bothered about the commies because they were arseholes, it’s when the police started to stitch me up. But in our hearts he did not die, Forever more his flag we’ll fly. The two support bands. Friday instead of Saturday, so only a small crowd turned up.

Skrewdriver:Diamonds In The Dust/Hail Victory Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Whilst inside Ian received more mail than the rest of his fellow inmates put together, and he would spend much of his time corresponding with comrades and supporters from around the globe. When he did come skrewdriverr he was normally scratched and bruised from his adventures. National Socialism is for the brave of heart and the tough of spirit.

The LP is of very poor quality, and was put out on the Viking Records label operating from a London box number. We know the traitors are in our midst, But now they’re running like the others did! Skrewdriver concerts were, although planned in advance, highly secretive, and Donaldson faced many attempts skdewdriver his life.

A quartet of University graduates, Queen were bright, bourgeois and dull.

Skrewdriver:Diamonds In The Dust/Hail Victory Lyrics

Surely this is a good thing, isn’t it? The film covers the early days of the group, ending before their first hit record with a scene in the Dublin Castle, a Pub in Camden Town. The shop not only stocked patriotic produce, but also Ska, Mod and Oi!

Stand up like men and reclaim our soil! The political party program we adopt, based on these principles, can and will change as events and facts change, as we discover better methods.

George Gordon drafted a constitution known as the Prescript which laid down the Klan’s purpose and procedures and at one time the Ku Klux Klan had a strength of over 4 million activists. Drummers are hard to come by, not exactly Stop Press classified information! Chorus On the steppes of their retreat, The cold racked their bodies, But worse was the pain of defeat, Many people who had hailed them once, Now turned and looked away, Those people now knew, that the beast was no h They finally came back, to the borders of their Fatherland, Enemies came, traitors everywhere at hand.


They were walking around Argyle Square looking for a hotel, and as all the lads were wearing Union Flag patches and the like, a bloke came over and asked if they were NF supporters. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Needle man leads me nicely on to the album cover designed by Bugs Tattoo Parlour, which was then based on the Caledonian Road, North London, but has since moved. Inthe sprawling line-up was added to with John Hickson.

The music media continued to have digs at the band and tried with very limited success to get venues to ban them from playing live. In 1 Nick appeared on the front cover of the second Sounds compilation LP Strength Thru’ Oil, which later gave Gary Bushell cause for embarrassment when he found out about Mr Crane’s political beliefs.

Nicky Crane, also administers by not only doing the artwork for the cover design, but penning the lyrics to the song Justice, which tells the tale of Nick’s own dished out British justice when skrewwdriver was sent down for four years for defending himself, along with a group of friends who happened to be British Movement members, against a bunch of rampaging Negroids who were attacking them.

Diamond in the Dust: Skrewdriver–Voice of Britain (The Ian Stuart Biography)

The crowd danced and applauded. Skrewdriver finished laying down the tracks for their seventh album, and left Meadow Farm Recording Studio with a dirty grin on their faces, this was Skrewdriver back at their very best – a howling Gibson guitar, thunderous drum a right-hook of a bass line, lyric’s like semtex and detonation box vocals, a mix haunting ballads and vehement rock.

They mainly did songs about the US Civil War. Indication of this is apparent on the tenth track of the Warlord album with the song Excalibur, a sword said to have mystical powers.

One of them hit upon the idea of founding a social club to relieve the drabness and misery of postwar existence.