May 20, 2020


Is there much of a difference? It has a great, quality feel, and I’ve gamed like a pro on it for a long time. I use a QuietKey in my graduate student lair. Has all the main switches. Ordered my first Topre: You MAY enjoy topre. But I was actually asking about what the switches feel like, rather than which of them my keyboard feel similar to

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Mon, 21 February I saw a stack of them in the old storage room at my school. Hated the marketing pretense to the keyboard by its belief that anyone would be impressed by it.

Hello, I have been reading this forum for a while now and is really curious about how all these fancy keyboard your guys talk about really feels like.

I thought that this might be a good reference for dekl to imagin how the Cherry MX switches feel like before deciding to buy a good one.

I love my Unicomp. It’s much more colorful nowadays. How does the Dell QuietKey Keyboard compare to How does the Cherry blue feel like compared to the QuietKey?


Dell QuietKey Kb212-b UK Layout Black USB PC Keyboard C643n Hwrd1 Dj491

Thanks for the quick response guys I wrote my impressions of the different switches focusing on gaming from the perspective of my QK: That, and old QuietKeys keyboadr as common here as, say, boards with blues or Model Ms. Yeah, I think I posted in that one. Odessa, TX Live long, and prosper.

Also, check out this recent thread EscapeVelocity on Thu, deell August Hardware in signatures clutters Google search results.

The actuation feel is much more gradual. I would love to try and find a new unused one on ebay to replace it, or I have been thinking about trying a mechanical.

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You MAY enjoy topre. There should be a field in the profile for that again. For quieteky it’s worth, they are significantly different from cherry blues or BS boards.

I’m actually thinking of ordering another one, and selling my bolt modded Ms including my terminal emulator. I would compare it to maybe white alps or maybe browns.


Has all the main switches.

Could anyone here help me on this? IBM “Pingmaster” http: Is starting a new thread better than resurrecting an old one?

If you want to try the feel of a mechanical, try signing up for the Switch Try Numpad. Hated, hated, hated, hated, hated the Blackwidow. This message was probably typed on sub vintage G with blues. I was expecting answers like “the XXXX switches have similar tactile bump to the Ubs but is much lighter and could be a little mushy”, or “yyy switches have the same actuation force as the Quietkey, but the tactile feels is less apparent”, etc.

Thanks for the reply! Fri, 07 August Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Layout Fanatic.