February 4, 2020


On completion the name will be extracted from the driver INF file. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Join to subscribe now. See the usage notes below for extracting and installing these drivers. I bought a low-priced printer that was described as “PCL4 compatible. Use Ctrl-F and search for the number only in the name of your printer.

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If you have a recent-model D22330 LaserJet that is able to print in PostScript mode, but you insist on using Ghostscript instead of the printer’s native PostScript mode, you can get dpi output by printing to any of the following Ghostscript devices: In the Run dialog box, type the name of the directory you found in step 1 for example, C: How to find out which fonts are available in your printer: Emulators, as the name implies, emulate the functions of one system on another.

Programming Identity Strings

Recent Canon bubble-jet printers including all those listed above have no built-in hardware fonts, and so cannot be used in the Letter Quality mode supported by older models. The red USB B “host” interface will be programmed to a virtual printer identity to replace a physical printer.

Some printers are also accessible across the network through a built-in web server that has an option to print a font list; if you don’t understand this sentence, please don’t attempt to do anything about it. After downloading the self-extracting file, run the file in a temporary directory, then run the extracted WP51ALL.

See the first of the frequently-asked questions on this page for further information. Click Save to download the file.


Press F7 until you are back at the Select Printer: If and only if your printer is connected to your computer by a traditional parallel cable which looks printef thisproceed to step 4.

No current LaserJet model ships with a parallel port built-in; some high-end models can be fitted with a parallel port, but you no longer need one. If you intend to use the Courier typeface, buy only a true Hewlett-Packard LaserJet, not an HP-compatible model from another manufacturer.

If you cannot find any driver that works with your printer, see this site’s instructions for printing from WPDOS to any Windows printer. If you are planning to buy a printer that is not listed on this page, please do NOT write to ask me if it will work with WordPerfect, and do NOT ask me which driver will work with it.

A full list of older WordPerfect printer drivers available from Corel’s driver download page may be found in this self-extracting printer list archive from Corel’s web site.

I have never used WordPerfect for Linux except to print one or two test pages; I have never tested these Ghostscript drivers under Linux; and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of anything in this section.

With the LaserJet series, you need to send this file to the printer every time you power up or restart the printer.

What is Emulation? – Definition from Techopedia

A complete install may not be required to check printer identities. How can I print with the same fonts I used before? The Lexmark En and E printer are apparently Windows-only printers, and requires this site’s methods of pribter to any Windows printer. For color printing, eulation the Tektronix Phaser ColorQuick driver. Important note on printers that use a USB or network connection instead of a parallel cable: It’s never too late to emluation to be self-reliant.


Xerox inkjet printers probably require this site’s methods of printing to any Windows printer. In the next step, you will need to know which bin number in the sheet feeder definition corresponds to each actual paper tray on your printer. Modern equipment may print directly to a laser or inkjet printer connected to a USB port.

Datalogic QuickScan Desk – L D2330 Laser Scanner

To use the full font sets in these printers, you can generally use the PostScript driver for the same printeror, in some cases, purchase a font DIMM an add-in chip that will match the font support from earlier models. In almost all cases, I have prepared the driver on the basis of information posted on a manufacturer’s web site. What’s really going on in that Cisco ASA of yours?: After a few seconds, close PrintFile. What emlation next depends on the Windows version that you are using.

WPDOS – Printer Drivers for WordPerfect 6.x

You would do this exactly as you print to a regular printer, just the result will be a PDF file, not a printed emulatuon of paper. I can’t tell you, because I don’t know. The Lexmark En and E printers are apparently Windows-only printers, and requires this site’s methods of printing to any Windows printer.