February 7, 2020


Pull the Manual Feed Tray up and out. Remove any partially fed paper. Page 84 Troubleshooting Using the green handles lift the Drum Unit out of the machine. If you selected Custom Mode, select Universal serial bus USB to select connection method, and follow the on- screen instructions. The installation program installs the software.

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Any copies made of all or part of this guide and any copyrightable subject matters must contain the same copyright notice as the material from which the copying is done. Troubleshooting Maintenance and Error Messages When any of the following messages appears on the message display, perform the procedure provided below. Close the document processor after use.

Copies Use to select the number of prints required. Start printing after loading the Manual Feed Tray. Safety switch The power to the laser unit is cut off when the upper front cover is opened.

Be sufficiently careful to avoid fire or electric shock when removing a paper jam or when replacing toner. If, however, the machine is used over a long period of time in a poorly ventilated room or when making an extremely large number d-cppia copies, the smell may become unpleasant.

The higher the value, the brighter the image. This indicates that the product is safe to use during normal operation and maintenance.



C-copia the cassette back into the printer. Maintenance Open the Front Cover. Troubleshooting Open the Front Cover. Print Server IB The print server IB provides an optimal printing network for Olivetti printers and copiers so that all users on the network can take advantage of them.

Subscribe to newsletter Receive exclusive offers and vouchers! Do not remove any of the covers from the machine as there is a danger of electrical shock from high voltage parts inside the machine. Adjust the paper width guides and slide the paper into the tray as far as it will go. Large selection Laser Toner, Ink Cartridges and other printer accessories.

Indicates that personal injury or mechanical damage may result from insufficient attention to or incorrect compliance with the related points. Page 71 Maintenance Slide the Charger Cleaner green back and forth 2 or 3 times to clean the charger wire, then return it to its original position.

Olivetti d-Copia 163MF / d-Copia 164MF Product Library

The power plug is the main isolation device! Same day dispatch for orders of in stock goods received by 5: The dumping of these devices at unequipped and unauthorized places may have hazardous effects on health and the environment. The machine displays messages at two stages of toner usage. Page 93 For best results and machine performance, we recommend that you use only our original supplies for your products.


D-Copia 164 MF Toner Cartridge

Legal And Safety Copying or other reproduction of all or part of this guide and any copyrightable subject matters without the prior written consent of Olivetti S. The installation program installs the software.

Do not look directly at the light from the scanning lamp as it may d-cppia your eyes to feel tired or painful. Item Description Lists information on the settings and environments of Maintenance Close the Front Cover.

Copy Functions Once all of the originals have been scanned, press.

As the scanner driver is not a stand-alone software, it has to be started from within a TWAIN-compliant software application and then the scanner driver is able to scan d-co;ia load the image to your computer.

System Settings Access Page 52 Scanning Functions Using a scan You can use an existing settings file.

Slide the paper firmly d-copiaa the tray until it stop. Multiple ways of payment Choose the payment method which is most convenient for you. Page 39 Preparations Click Next.