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Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. On the other hand, regardless of where you are, you can probably find a television handy that will either have a jack for direct video input, or have a VCR attached that does. If all you need is a x image, the 2x “zoom” is quite effective in macro mode, reducing the minimum area to only 1. We’ve never experienced this ourselves, but suggest you be very careful not to push your batteries too far: As we’ll describe in more detail later, we’ve consistently found Casio menu systems to fast and easy to navigate. Unlike the QV, all the normal record-mode menu functions remain available in movie mode, allowing access to manual white-balance settings, manual focus, etc. The resulting movies can be played back directly on the camera’s screen, or downloaded as composite images to the host computer, where they can be assembled back into a movie via software.

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With a properly-configured host computer, you can transfer images between CPU and camera without a serial cable. PictureMall’s software features ease of cwmera, and links to their internet-connect services for ordering various photo novelty items.

We mentioned the QV’s exposure-compensation adjustments: Economy-mode images take about 11 seconds to transfer at the same data rate. Bottom line, it’s a nice feature to have for those times you need it, and a worthwhile addition to digital cameras, as long as it comes more or less for free e.

Given the wide array of functions on the QVSX, we can’t realistically step through each one here, but we’ll describe several of the major functions to give a general sense of what it’s like to operate the camera.

The very slow shutter speeds available in night mode make a tripod almost mandatory in dark conditions. As mentioned earlier, the panorama shooting mode helps you lineup successive shots, making the final stitching process easier, and the seams between images less evident.


Here are samples shot with the EV setting turned down 2 steps and turned down 4 steps. QVSX “High Points” overview Several readers have requested quick, up-front feature summaries of the cameras we review, which we’ll be doing from this point onward.

Casio QVSX Reviews & Info | Digital Camera Resource Page

Again, this is a welcome addition relative to earlier models. Definitely a neat feature!

Even better, the reference image is translucent, meaning you can “see wv it to the current scene coming from the sensor. Many third- or fourth-generation digital cameras such as the QVSX are allowing much longer exposure times than were possible with earlier devices.

Most digital cameras include exposure compensation adjustments to let you compensate for these conditions, requesting either more or less exposure than the automatic metering would select on its own.

Overall though, the ‘s color rendition clearly puts it in the mainstream of megapixel-class digital cameras. Used in conjunction with the special panorama mode of the QVSX, it is particularly easy to assemble panoramic images.

Casio Qqv – digital camera. They also deserve big pluses for frame-to-frame speed in playback mode – you can step between pictures about as fast as you can press the button. At first glance, the icons look a little blocky and low-tech, but we have to say particularly after using some much more sophisticated casioo more expensive cameras that nobody makes a user interface that navigates as fast as Casio’s.

Operation and User Interface With all its operating modes and features, you’d expect the QVSX to be cumbersome or complex to operate. Extended viewing of images cssio drastically shorten your battery life.


The effect is the same as using a longer focal-length lens on a lower-resolution camera, but you end up with a lower-resolution picture as well. Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. In this mode, the LCD panel acts as a viewfinder, but also gives you some information on camera settings: Note that exposure compensation isn’t available in manual-focus mode.


Until then, here are all of our standard test shots, with detailed commentary on each. The white-balance circuitry however, sees that the flash is being used, and adjusts the color balance as if the scene was lit only by the flash. One solution to this can be to use a self-timer with a short delay to trip the shutter a few seconds after your finger leaves the shutter button.

The other way to “zoom” digitally also begins by taking data only from the central portion of the sensor array. Casio uses a combination of both methods just described in the QVSX’s “4x” zoom mode: You might not want to rely on the QVSX cadio your only presentation tool for a multimillion-dollar business deal, but they’d be absolutely great for family “slide shows” or school projects.

Other innovative functions retained from the QV include in-camera panorama stitching, and the ability to capture high-contrast images and apply them to other shots as titles.

There are also markings defining a central region in which the autofocus is active, which happen to fairly accurately define the field camerz view when running in “4x” digital zoom mode as well. Manual focus override is important because most autofocus cameras will simply refuse to take a picture if they aren’t able to 5000sd a solid focus lock. Somewhat bulkier than the ‘, the ‘ measures 5.