February 7, 2020


Do not force it into the DT-X The matte surface reduces light and sun reflections on your screen. Name 1 Indicator 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Description Indicates the result of a bar code read operation. In addition, remove all the batteries before storage. Makes effective use of. Thus, the periods described in Table 4.

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The following are initial default settings. Rinse the eye with a sufficient amount of cadio water, such as tap water, then immediately consult with a doctor.

DT-X10 Series Laser Scanner Integrated Models Hardware Manual |

This port is used when connecting to another Bridge Caslo Cradle. The battery pack has safety mechanism and protection means incorporated to avoid hazards.

Also, place the AC adaptor in a place where it is not subject to dust and water. The following protocol stacks are available for Bluetooth interface: Programmable key This key can be assigned with any function available. Or, the protection means may be damaged and the battery may be charged with an excessive current or voltage, or have abnormal chemical reactions induced to cause it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite.


Barcode Scanner PDA Casio Dt-x10m10e Dt-x10 Laser Scanning Handheld Terminal

NET resources developed by other corporations. Otherwise, both the batteries will discharge at an accelerated rate. For connection of a separately available CF card Extension Unit. Neither disassemble nor retrofit this terminal.

Also, do not carry or store the battery with a metal necklace dt-1x0m10e hair pin. This is also pressed to cancel a full reset.

Hardness of the dt-x10m10f on the glass: The contents of the memory may accidentally be lost due to battery power consumption, etc. The cable coating may burn or melt, resulting in fire or electric shock. Support of outstanding development environment Ample Microsoft development tools provided for easy application development and an advanced debug environment.

Thus, the periods described in Table 4. The new settings do not go into effect until the power switch is turned off and then back on again.

Casio DT-X10M10E Manuals

Fn key Press this key and then a function key or number key to configure settings or to run previously registered applications. Ultra clear and highly dt-1x0m10e, hard-coated, residue-free removal. Df-x10m10e supplying power or transmitting data. If the battery pack is charged with chargers other than those specified by CASIO, it may be over-charged, or charged with an excessive current, or have abnormal chemical reactions induced, causing it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite.


More refinements More refinements Power is ON but the terminal is not mounted on the charger. Multi-step bar code read function.

Data communication in progress Red: August Table of Contents Chapter 1 1. The film surface can easily be cleaned in most cases with a dry cloth. Product Identification And Reference Numbers On the back of the terminal and its options major options onlythere is a bar code and numbers printed on label as shown in Fig.

The performance or service life of the battery pack may be reduced or abnormal current may flow to cause it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite. Toggles to switch between numbers and alphabets. A dipos protective display foil is a realmade in Germany product. For Samsung Galaxy S7. If this is done, the power cable may be broken and cause a fire or electric shock.