March 25, 2020


Yes they are digital but I have always liked Eventide since their cool analog rack effects came out in the s. This mod is worth every penny if this is your style of overdrive. Clean Channel , Jun 5, Vex New Analog Man shopping cart website We have a new website with almost everything on it! We also have the ZIM Dual Overdrive, which is a true two-pedals-in one with unique voicing controls to get all sorts of cool sounds.

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The chips inside are replaced with better condition chips that allows for better use of the circuit.

All user reviews for the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Analogman

Analog Man was started years ago from our love of vintage effects pedals which sounded so great but were getting impossible to find. There is not as much difference in sound when played through an anallgman distorted amp. Another customer wrote me in after trying one of our modified tube screamers: It is too messy and possibly unreliable so bles did not do this bleed fix unless we got a customer complaint only about twice out of about SD1 pedals sold. We can mod this pedal with an expression control jack on the right side.


Here are some samples showing comparisons of our various modified pedals.

User reviews: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Analogman – Audiofanzine

But we can add the midrange pot sticking out the back on the side of the power jack, or out of the right side along the input jack. Your name or email address: Through a Fender amp with Fender guitars it is quite the icepick in the ear This pedal sounds amazing, and offers a stunning graphical view of the virtual rotors on its built-in display. Ibanez told me that Roland Boss has a patent on asymmetrical clipping, which gives it a bit more volume, harmonics, and crunch.

With Analog Man, there are no problems, only solutions. Or you can email one of the guys who can help you out best. I’m sure some moron out there will do that and blame me for injuring somebody later on Combine this with a tubescreamer to get some awesome versatility. It also keeps track of status, tracking numbers, etc and allow editing orders after they are placed so it’s best to use our new website. Our website will calculate exact international shipping for any order. The Brown option is standard on the SD-1 as it really helps to smooth out the sound.

We sometimes use normal air mail for small items and parts. Bank transfers can also be used. Request a new review. It’s what we call a “placebo mod”.


Jun 2, 3. Even bringing a slider DOWN will add noise, try it! He has been modifying pedals of all kinds to much more pleasant sound such as true bypass and eliminating noise issues or just repairing old worn out pedals.

We can also install a super bright LED in different colors. COM Use our new shopping cart website buyanalogman.

And the tone knob should never be run up that high with xnalogman decent amp. It can get quite clean too as it has good picking dynamics and cleans up well.

Spend a bit more on a quality product and you will save money in the long run. Pretty much every setting works, and it boues very smooth. I know which is more pleasing to me.

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The DS-1 has quite a scooped midrange, especially stock. Do not turn all of the knobs on full. See our Fuzz Face Page for more info.