VA FORM 21-4138 PDF

Complete and submit the VA Form to provide the VA with information to support claims for benefits. Home → VA Commonly Used Forms → VA Compensation and Pension Forms → VA Form – Statement in Support of Claim. VA FORM. OMB Control No. Respondent Burden: 15 minutes. Expiration Date: SUPERSEDES VA FORM , AUG ,. WHICH WILL NOT.

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Our software makes quick work of file conversion from your PDF. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! It is important that you write a well thought out statement that supports your claims.

The first blank boxes require your basic identification information. You may also attached additional pages for your form if you so require.

VA Form 21-4138

If your statement will not fit in the box on the first page, you may continue your statement in the box on the second page. Supply your address and phone number contacts.

This form is used to provide requested information by Veteran’s Affairs while they are evaluating your claim. Ensure that your draft includes a very detailed explanation addressing all of the required additional information the Department of Veteran’s Affairs requires. Finally, you must certify your VA Form Failure to complete the VA Form 21 could prevent an individual from being able to obtain their veterans benefits.


It is a legal document that is legally binding throughout the United States. The VA Form 21 is completed by veterans or the beneficiaries of veterans who are seeking to acquire military benefits.

A Sworn Declaration Firm that can be acquired through a law office is another way to submit evidence in regards to your VA claim.

Get and Sign VA Form 21 4138 2017-2018

Next, the large box on the first page requires a statement made in connection with the applied for claims. Sign and date the VA Form at the bottom of the page. Submit your VA Form to the Department of Veteran Affairs by mailing it to the address provided, ensuring that it gets to the office it needs to be reviewed.

A VA Form 21 21-44138 required when a veteran or beneficiary is attempting to claim the need for benefits or are vw to obtain their military benefits. It is important to fill out these documents timely and efficiently to avoid any penalties or delay in the process of acquiring benefits. It is important that all of these documents are filled out carefully and accurately so that any delay in the process of dorm benefits can be avoided.

VA Form | WSM Law

You must also attach any supporting documents you may require. Once you have a completed draft, you can either handwrite your explanation in the box or print it from a computer and attach it. This may take a second or two.


Also ensure that you cover all of your claims. The VA Form 21 sometimes will be filled out alongside other documents related to a veteran claiming their benefits.

Form VA Statement In Support of Claim – Military Forms – |

Write a draft of your statement. In the top box, you must provide the name, social security number, and the claims file number of the veteran who is making the claim. Just upload a PDF to get started! It is filled out by veterans who are attempting to establish proof of their benefits claim and is used in the process of a veteran trying to receive their military benefits. This is the most important section of your VA Form Therefore, it is used as a way of supporting a claim for benefits.

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You can make sure the process goes smoothly by completed all documents carefully and not missing any important deadlines.