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Retains fill under tank and prevents loss due to erosion 6. Provides a set03020 barrier or liner under the tank. If the initial cone-up bottom slope is significant, if the settling is relatively uniform, and if the bottom is constructed with lapwelded joints, a phenomenon known as rippling can occur, usually during the hydrostatic test on newly constructed tanks. The effective weight of the liquid should be limited to the inside projection of the ringwall from the tank shell.

For small tanks, the 4-Et – O-inch minimum spacing between grooves should be reduced. A clay liner should be placed inside a ringwall foundation and covered with chloride-free, dry sand before tank construction wte03020 shown in Appendix B, Figure B Any oil added to the sand can represent pollution and potential groundwater contamination.

Releveling can cause the tank to resume a round shape. Other brands having the same specifications are equally correct and may be substituted for those named. For global dishing, these values appear to be reasonable.

Tanks where significant settlement is anticipated d. This detail allows for the different radial expansions that can occur between the tank and its foundation without generating significantbending stresses in the anchor bolts.


References Applicable parts of the following Practices, industry codes and standards, and references shall be considered an integral part of this Practice. Reinforced concrete ringwalls d. To the extent these Practices or guidelines should conflict with OSHA or other applicable laws or regulations, such laws or regulations must be followed. Small-diameter tanks are more susceptible to overturning than are large-diameter tanks because the ste030220 tanks typically have greater WD ratios.

If the tank is filled with liquid, these tend to level out but often reappear when the liquid is removed. It’s easy to join and it’s free. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

PIP STE Guidelines for Tank Foundations (Ring Wall) – Storage tank engineering – Eng-Tips

If, however, there is differential edge settlement, a best-fit cosine curve can be fitted to these points. These refined analyses are beyond the scope of this Practice. Initial temperature profiles will vary from site-to-site because of factors such as presence of moisture or different soil thermal conductivity. Appendix B, Figure B-6 shows an alternative to ste003020 slab under the tank.

Download PIP STE – Tank Foundations –

Other wte03020 can be used. Extrusion welds or lap joint adhesion should be checked for bond and leakage. Some yielding st0e3020 soil settlement may occur under the shell, requiring re-leveling of the tank after a seismic event. This is not true for slab lip pile cap foundations, which should be designed for the maximum toe pressure. Reduction in strength results from temperature, moisture content, loading history, and the type of aggregate used.


The amount of differential jacking should be controlled to eliminate shell buckling or weld damage in the corner welds or in the bottom plates. The elevation readings can be plotted as shown in Appendix C, Figure C No accelerators especially accelerators with chlorides 6.

Prevent spalling of the concrete from high bearing pressures at the tank wall.

In addition, this Practice addresses tank foundations preferred for the different types of soil conditions. The under-the-shell releveling method uses jacking under the bottom of the shell.

PIP STE03020 – Tank Foundations

In frost regions, extend tank foundations 1 ft below the frost line to prevent frost heave. Providing complete written procedures for all work to be undertaken 5. If a footing is included in the ringwall design, the effective weight of the soil may be included.

Because large groups of workers are involved and mistakes could cause injuries or unanticipated costs, all work methods should be carefully reviewed for safety, environmental concerns, and proven practices.

If the work is intended to correct out-of-round tanks, the radial tolerances and the effect of releveling on these tolerances ste030200 be frequently monitored.

This is particularly important for tanks that may sit empty or only partly filled. Support should be provided for fixed-roof supports to eliminate roof buckling and damage.