Follow · Pilipino Funny Komiks» 9 issues. Volume» Published by Islas Filipinas Publishing Co.. Started in Summary. Short summary describing this. 25 Feb On the other hand, I liked Pilipino Funny Komiks because it is written in Tagalog, and I can easily relate with it. I feel lucky that our family did not. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Notes, Writer, Artist. #1. Date: Cover Price: $ NM Guide: $ No copies available. #2. Date: Cover Price: $ NM Guide.

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Pilipino FUNNY Komiks

Please include your interests and whatever else you think is relevant so the community can make oilipino suggestions. I got my favorite X-men copy there for 30? Thank you for reminding us.

Oh sorry I am not sure. Ang saya namn dami din pala nagba basa ng PFK. As for the later “anime” Funny Komiks, yeah, it’s just too bad. I really miss them.

Pilipino Funny Komiks Comics from Islas Filipinas

An online compendium of Piipino comic book heroes from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Sana ibalik nila noh? Gio Paredes March 4, at So nakikibasa na lang ako sa pinsan ko na may malaking collection nito. It’s great to see Funny Komiks again at its best, not the poorly-drawn anime imitation it had become during its waning years.


Sir dennis,pwede ko po ba i-share sa mga FK readers yun pic ng 1st issue,me FK thread po kasi sa Pinoy exchange,i have posted several scans of what was left from my collection, hope you wouldn’t mind. Ang rami ko po idea and story na ginawa isa na nga po doon ung title ay Revelation, Kyme and the angelic sword, Element Monster, sword I the beginning, sword II the lost warrior and many more.

I miss Funny Komiks and look how many issues are here! : Philippines

Back funmy my teens in the seminary in Tagbilaran, Bohol we’d buy a single copy of each issue of PFK and pass around the dormitory until everyone have read it. Glad to see images here that i don’t think i have in my collection from Needless to say, Superkat possessed your basic superhero powers; namely, super strength, speed, flight and invulnerability.

I even wanted to have a chick so it will become a giant chicken which will be my sidekick. Masaya kasi naalala ko ang kabataan ko at ang komiks na ito, lungkot dahil nalimot na ng panahon ang simpleng buhay noon.

I’m wondering lang po kung saan ako magkakaroon ng access to full komiks like Super Kat. Sana Ibalik nila ang funny comics! Though these guys weren’t so bad. Sayang yung na-Ondoy, mahal pa naman ang bentahan ng PFK sa mga collectors. Halong lungkot ang saya ang naramdaman ko. In the twilight of the 20th century as well as the Philippine komiks industryDarna was given an ill-advised reboot new costume and po Going to meetups is at your own risk.


And then followed that up with a clone called Eklok. It was my favorite. It announced itself as “The film that will put Philippine animation in the world map!

Mabuhay ang Filipino Culture! I koimks someone will scan all of his collections into CBR format and publish them online. I was still buying Funny Komiks during that time. The lovabel mahimud ali best you very nice regards Hrithik Roshan. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


Haaayyy sana may mag remake ng funny komiks kung mag po poll lang dito eh ewan ko kung sino ang magiging sikat na karakter sa kanila. I love the idiomatic expressions, vocabulary words, and This Is Your Page. Log in or sign up in seconds.