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The manufacturer shall appoint a responsible authorized welding coordinator. At a weekly high defect rate or at repeated occurrence of planar defects, two trigger levels apply for extended NDT for welds in inspection category B, C and D. All welding of attachments shall comply with the requirements for the onrsok to which they are attached. Monitoring Standards monitoring is a free service designed for you who wish to be alerted of changes to or new editions of the standards required in your work.

If sufficient documentation from the steel manufacturer is not available, a change of material shall require re-qualification of a reduced number of procedures. Techstreet standards in subscription.

Weld nofsok by peening shall be performed in accordance with detailed procedures. For welds with a joint thickness T! Causes for defects shall norzok be investigated and corrective actions shall be taken to prevent further occurrence.

If the surface finish adjacent to the weld is such that testing with an angle borsok using techniques C and D or E and F along the centre line of the weld is judged to be the only reliable method of examination, than the weld cap is to be dressed smooth norwok ground flush with the parent material in accordance with clause 8 of ISO Steels Qualification and certification of NDT personnel — General principles Welding — Recommendation for welding of metallic materials – all parts Welding — Recommendation for welding noorsok metallic materials — Part 3: However, if X-ray are used, the minimum film density may be reduced to 1,5.


Test laboratories shall have a quality system in compliance with ISO or equivalent. Standards monitoring is a free service designed for you who wish to be alerted of changes to or new editions of the standards required in your work. CTOD-testing of welds shall be carried out with the fatigue notch tip positioned in the coarse grained region of the heat affected zone and in the weld metal. Typical examples for requirements for grinding of joints are given in A.

NORSOK M-101 (Ed. 2011)_Structural Steel Fabrication

Non-destructive testing of welds — Magnetic particle testing. This extent shall be maintained for a weld and test length sufficient to conclude that the weld repair percentage is at a reasonable level. Reference samples for typical joints and sections may be prepared and used for acceptance of treated welds.

Prequalification with mock-up structures shall apply if there is a risk for high restraint in welding or erection. The holding time and temperature shall be as recommended by the steel manufacturer. Read more about subscriptions. Non-destructive testing of welds — Ultrasonic testing — Testing of norso in austenitic steels and nickel-based alloys Material data sheets for structural steel Design of steel structures Welding and inspection of piping Welding.

In addition to what is listed in Table 3, the following shall apply for inspection category A and B: The responsible welding coordinator may delegate welding coordination activities at fabrications sites to an IWT, see ISO All inspections shall be reported to the responsible welding coordinator.

Norsok m-101 pdf

The reference block shall be from a steel type that is representative for the steel to be inspected. Arc welding of stainless steels EN NDT personnel performing visual inspection of welded joints shall be qualified norskk accordance with ENVT rd level 2 or equivalent 3 party certification scheme. Welding should be suspended until the cause of cracks and defects has been identified and measures taken to prevent their reoccurrence.


Comprehensive quality requirements ISOWelding and allied processes — Classification of geometric imperfections in metallic norsoj — Part 1: The shop drawings shall have enough information to enable correct selection of WPS. Test coupons shall be welded in a manner which realistically simulates the actual production welding, normally as extension of the production weld, and meet the requirements for welding procedure approval tests. The specified percentage to be tested in Table 3 refers to the total length of welds in each inspection category.

Standard quality requirements Terms, definitions and abbreviations For the purposes of this NORSOK standard, the following terms, definitions and abbreviations apply. Norxok occurrence of cracking during production welding shall be investigated. Design drawings may show areas of welds where testing is mandatory. Webprint Printed and bound.

Except for solid wires such consumables shall be classified by the supplier as extra low hydrogen, i.

Norsok m ed 5 , Oct _百度文库

Welding inspection shall be performed before, during and after welding according to typical check points listed in Annex F. Edition 5 of this NORSOK standard has been necessary due to an extensive change in referenced international standards. NOTE Test assemblies may be given hydrogen diffusion treatment prior to testing, and specimens may be precompressed.

Seal welds shall have a throat thickness of at least 3 mm.

The increased initial testing may be accounted for in the overall extent provided the initial testing confirms consistent good workmanship. Prior to fabrication start-up, contractor shall implement a system for recording of quality status.