QC Tutorial for beginners – Learn QC (Quality Center) in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Architecture. mercury quality center tutorial – ning – mercury quality center tutorial, version this manual, and the accompanying software and other documentation. Mercury Quality Centerâ„¢ provides a complete, Web-based, integrated system QA testers run manual and automated tests, report execution results . Page 9.

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With the help of sprinter, you can execute many of the repetitive and tedious tasks of manual testing automatically.

This module acts like Bug Tracking tool and provides all the facilities to manage the defects like Adding the defects, changing the status of defects etc. Or What are the benefits and features of Quality Center? BugZilla is Defect Management tool only.

Default save option is excel. You can give “Suggestion” to the developer using the Comments sections provided in QC. Parent Requirements nothing but title of the requirements, it covers high level functions of the requirements Child requirement nothing but sub title of requirements, it covers low level functions of the requirements. Quality Center is referred as a complete test management tool It is a web-based tool and backs up high level of communication among various stake-holders Developers, Business Analyst, Testers and so on tutorjal a more qualigy and effective global quaality process With Quality Center automation tools like QTP, WinRunner and LoadRunner it can be integrated.

Quality Center Provides options to store requirements thru which we can measure test coverage as well. I like to make out the print Marcy Lu.


Mercury Quality Center Interview Questions

Right click anywhere on the window, export all or selected defects and save excel sheet or document. It has two tabs a Tests coverage b Details Test coverage tab will be selected by default or you click on it. The dashboard analysis consists of two views Analysis View: To execute the test cases and mercuru the results.

Later in QC using the modify options, one can change the defect modules accordingly.

Mention what is the advantage of Quality Center? This is a trick question. Mention what is sprinter-data injection?

Export the test cases into Quality Centre It qualitu contained total 8 steps 2. Explain how you can add requirements to test cases in Quality Centre? This is called 2nd Build, doing testing on 2nd build on wards is called Re-Testing or Regression testing.

HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

Now open excel, you can find the new menu option export to Quality Centre. Quality Center is a management tool which provides: Internally Quality Centre will refer to this test while running then in the test lab.

Or Reply with below details Click here centre cancel reply. But can be saved in documents and other formats Defects Tab: Explain how one can map a single defect to more than one test script?

Rectify errors if Any. Enter your email address: QA Inspect finds and prioritizes security vulnerabilities in an entire web application or in specific usage scenarios during testing and presents detail information and remediation advise about each vulnerability. Is it possible to maintain test data in Quality Center? You can link test sets and defects to the sub-requirements.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Once the execution is completed one can analyze the Results in the Functional tool QTP it self and if at all one can identify the Defects and need to post themhe can do it from the Functional tool itself, other wise, go to next module by name Defects Module. It allows you to accomplish these tasks without disrupting your test flow. Mention what is Sprinter in HP-Alm? February 19, at 6: We generate the graph in the test lab for daily report and sent to the on site where ever you want to deliver 5.

Based on the test one has to launch the corresponding functional tool QTPgenerate the desired test scripts. Only individual test can be exported.


Open the Quality Centre project 2. In the following methods is most likely to used in this case: In test lab, we execute the test cases and put as pass or fail or incomplete. Select all or selected option Defects Tab: Only individual test can be exported.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Click on export and save as. There are four types of tabs are available 1. Test Director Version 8.