Unimat SL and DB lathes: unused, boxed examples publication titled: “First Junior Instructions for using The Emco Unimat Universal Machine Tool”. EMCO Hobby Machine Instruction Manuals and Spare Part Lists. Below are links to instruction manuals for various machines. Unimat 3. Spare Parts List. unimat,lathe,belts, manual, book emco, edelstaal,parts, db, sl, unimat 3, mini lathe, db, sl

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Late s headstock with the vertical, hexagon-headed alignment pin.

Production of the “W” continued into the dies-cast era but, with so few about, only limited numbers can have been sold. The Instruction Book for the Mk.

Whilst the OD and ID are plain machined the flats were ground. The aim had been to allow its use as a metal or wood lathe, miller, drill press, polisher, grinder, jig saw, saw bench, wood planer or jointer, sander or even – with the headstock detached from the bed and fitted with a grip – as a hand drill.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The E collets have just 6 slots and, as with a collapse range of only a few thousandths of an inch, are intended for use only with the “nominal” size marked on the collet. The belt is not glue bonded but rather, heat welded and is as strong as the belt material itself. See the pictures for an idea of the shape and condition of this item.

Unimat DB/SL Lathe, Belts, Manual,Links.

Accessory boxes of the time were very distinctive with a turquoise or teal blue-and-white label with “Emco” spelled out in a diagonal line, a ‘circle M’ logo emmco “Made in Austria” printed underneath in small letters. The conversion process from one mode to another was generally well thought out – and simple to execute: Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

I still wasn’t happy with them.

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It may well be that some owners, frustrated by the absence of a carriage lock on their early machines, could have fitted their own – so it is impossible to be categorical on this point. A pin, screwed in through the left-hand face of the casting, engaged against the cone, and drew the headstock down and locked it in place. The condition of the original manual is very good.

Unimt to home page Return to top. However, as might be expected with such a popular little lathe, Sears Roebuck and Co.

There was also a slight bevelling of the upper corners of the headstock support – an alteration that would be reflected in the forthcoming die-cast design – and the headstock itself may also have been increased in size slightly but with corners of a tighter radius measurements are awaited and its milling post-retaining pin moved to a position parallel to the spindle cartridge. Although the exterior dimensions of the cartridge were one of the few things to remain unchanged throughout production, its contents did not.

Failure of Unimat motors is very common and the causes manifold. This had a big, round-shaped induction motor with matching wrapper paint, a small red name plate mounted low down on the sloping face of the headstock, green paint and die-cast hand wheels with the wasp-tail handles.

EMCO-UNIMAT Model SL Operating Manual

Minimum monthly payments are required. If the motor is stripped, just a trace of grease on the bearings is sufficient – and, whilst it’s down, check to see if the bearings are loose in their unimatt if they are, secure them with a low-strength grade of Loctite.

Because it’s possible to convert a “W” to the specification of an ordinary metal-turning Unimat or use the “W” headstock on another machine it’s likely that the model may appear on the used market in a variety on non-factory specifications. Leadscrew, cross-feed screw M 8×1 left. I tried O’ rings. Somewhere on this site is the answer to your question, a solution to your problem, good technical info.


The outside face of the front cone was ground to an abutment flange for items screwed onto the spindle nose – although this arrangement may have caused problems with the bearing mznual, with heavier interrupted cuts tending to tighten the cone and reduce clearances.

EMCO Unimat SL Operating Instructions & Parts Manual | eBay

So as not to mark the bar, a small brass button was used on the end of the screw. Unimats of this age were also given a more robust carriage assembly with the whole of the casting, including the front and back walls through which the way-bars passed, noticeably thickened. The cross slide followed the same design and, just like the English Drummond Little Goliath of 25 years earlier, ran on two bars instead of conventional machined ways.

It may be that an earlier model was advertised in – but a search by the writer’s Emfo contacts through hobby literature of that year has drawn a blank – hence this is likely to have been not just the first American, but the first ever ujimat for the Unimat Continued: If, with the tension screw No. These wonderful little machines are now orphans since Emco discontinued support of accessories, parts and manuals.

By the late s crackle-black finishes emmco being phased nuimat and Emco followed fashion by producing the majority of the Mk. The motor bracket, later a neat die-cast affair, was a rather rough aluminium casting with only the holes machined. In the UK the lathe was marketed first by J. It may be that an earlier model was advertised in – but a search by the writer’s German contacts through hobby literature of that year has drawn a blank.