Have any of you guys read this? It’s advertised in a sticky at the top of this forum. It seems like a helpful guide (since. Even if you “think’ you know the in’s and out’s of the book will shed light on all kinds of topics. It’s a must. 23 Oct Beatmaking on the MPCXL – Look Inside (tmaking on the MPCXLBy Andy Avgousti (MPC-Tutor)Third Ed).

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Beatmaking on the MPCXL – Look Inside Pages 1 – 16 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

This is myversion of the chopped up beat you can use your version if you wish. BensonMakimgNew Zealand Each tutorial comes with detailed explanations of all concepts, backed up with clear screen shots and actual MPC files so you can perfectly recreate each lesson in your MPC.

This book is quality I feel like Diamond D, the best producer on the mic The MPCsimply takes the length of the sample and divides it into equally spaced zones. With all the information, eBooks available and help you guys provide, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be the next Just Blaze, Scott Storch or Ryan Leslie!

The end point is currently atand asyou can see, this is slightly cutting off the start of the next zone.

If you have a questions about any products on MPC-Tutor. Whichever sequence mpc2000cl use, press play – doesn’t sound quite right, does it? To hear my version, load up ‘STUT2. That said, you may be surprised at some ofthe additional knowledge you pick up from the early chapters as there are somany little features that tend to get skipped over by even experienced users.

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Using the exact same techniques we used in the previous example,take each one of your new slices and chop it down to the individual hits. By stryke Fri Sep 24, 4: There’s also over MPC samples and files to help you recreate all the tutorials. Lets adjust the zones in our sample now. Go through all 4 zones to make sure everything is as perfect as possible. What you are doing here is simply running through all the existingzones that our MPC has set by default.


This is giving me a much more insight into kinds of music that I new next to nothing about while making me a better musician and music producer. I have no idea what you’re talking about – I can barely decipher your sentence bro. By Maxillaa Sat May 30, Personally, I find that price to be more than fair. Concepts are well explained. What we’re going to do is select alternate chops and mute them. Download instantly after purchase.

I’m going to suggest it to any or all of my colleagues! First off, if we listen carefully try headphones we can hear smallgaps between each chop, suggesting that if we increase the tempo, things mightsound a bit better. Easily Make Any Modern Genre Of Music If you want to make real studio quality beats that literally make you create beatsget out of your Seat and Good dance when you play them – this is it!

Beat Making on the MPC2000XL

Looking at Zone 2, we can see that the start of the third beat is mc2000xl within zone 2. After pressing DO IT you’ll have a reverse sample forzone 5.

Sort by Ascending Descending Go. This maming why some hitswill get cut off and this is why you makng to adjust your zones. Whencutting up drum breaks recorded by real drummers it is quite common to find t certain hits don’t ‘line up’ exactly on the beat.

It will also take 30 sample points from zone 3and add it to the end of zone 2 and so on. Or is it a separate download link that comes with the purchase, or an emailed zip file, or what? Very convenient and insightful. It sounds very different to the original loop – a different tempo and a completelydifferent groove.

The easiest makking to see how the zone functionworks is to work through an example. There’s still a bit of a gap between the second and third chops,and it also sounds like the looping point comes in too quickly.


Onceyou’ve muted all these zones, just hit your pad and the break will play from startto end, stuttering away quite happily. Sort by Author Post time Subject. Well, let’s try it.

MID which was the sequence we originally created where all the chopswere ‘on beat’. Ofcourse in practice, you may need to try a few different time stretch percentagesuntil you find one that fixes the problem, it’s all about trial and error – andpatience.

As you can see, eachzone is a lot larger now, as the beat has been evenly sliced into 4 rather than 16zones. We’vecovered this already in this tutorial, so I’ll assume you are comfortable doing thatnow.

Sort by Ascending Descending Go. Stop being cheap and go ahead and just pay for makung. Notice of LiabilityThe author and publisher have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of theinformation herein. One downside to this method is that ,aking can’t reallyslow your beat down any slower than the tempo of the original loop, as you’llstart to hear the gaps between the chops.

Now, rememberthat we chopped our break into 4 slices and our break was exactly 4 beats long -that means each slice is one beat. BensonTaranakiNew Zealand. That sounds a lot better. Chopping Samples Part 2Take chopping a step further by changing the feel of a loop, and creating choppybreak effects in the zone screen.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages might be smelling other folks’s food over the ventilation system, a lack of privacy, and over all of the others combined, I can’t play my drums during my apartment!

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