voids analysis and stability – flow test. Strength is measured in terms of the ‘ Marshall’s Stability’ of the mix following the specification ASTM D (), which. To design the Asphalt concrete mix using Marshall method. .. Max. Min. Max. Marshall specimens. (ASTM D ). No. of comp. Blows, each end of specimen. (ASTM – D – & MS-2) The original Marshall method is applicable only to hot-mix asphalt paving mixtures containing aggregates with.

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Parameters such as test information, user information, sample information and test parameters can be modified and saved for later use by operators. In case the mix designed does not fulfill any one or more of the design requirements, the gradation of the aggregates or filler content or bitumen content or combination of these are altered and the design tests are repeated till all the requirements are satm fulfilled.

The machine has built-in data acquisition with four channels dedicated to two strain gauge load cells and two potentiometric linear transducers; one of each can be used during the test. The mixing temperature may be 0 to 0 C. Home To top Share.

All the design values of Marshall stability, flow, voids and VFB are checked at the Optimum Bitumen Content, with the specified design requirements of the mix.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The three parts of the compaction moulds can be purchased individually. At least three samples are prepared for each binder content.


Digital thermoregulator and temperature display, internal and external outer case in stainless steel. All parts can be ordered individually. General lab – Water baths: The software accepts specimen diameter and height as an input parameter.


Utouch Pro enables the users to display current memory usage and test results with its advanced data and memory management interface. U-Touch Pro TFT can simultaneously display machine status, test values, warnings during operation and test graphs in real time. Mould holder provided consisting of spring tension device designed to hold compaction mould centered in place on compaction pedestal.

Software can be used to get additional advanges described in the section below. With suitable accessories UTAS The machine can d1559 hand operated by a lateral hand wheel for calibration purposes. Iva Company info Privacy policy The compaction mould assembly and hammer are cleaned and kept pre-heated to a temperature of 0 C to 0 C. CBR tests on soils; Marshall tests on asphalt; uniaxial and unconfined tests on soils and rocks; compression tests on low stregth concrete, cement and groundcement A suitable bar is required to transfer the load from the d1559 ring adapter to the extension collar while extracting the specimen.

Automatic Marshall Stability Test Machine

The software continously updates load and displacement marshhall the end of test. It is generally to prepare a trial specimen prior to preparing the aggregate batches.

Universal load frames accessories for soil, asphalt, concrete, cement, mortar and rock testings. Control Unit offers many additional unique features.

U-Touch PRO can export, copy, or delete the test data saved in its internal memory. The machine comprises of a robust, compact two column bench type compression frame with adjustable upper cross beam. D5159 main advantage of this machine is its high flexibility as a general purpose testing system, ensured by its generous dimensions which allow the placement of an The aggregates and filler are mixed together in the desired proportion as per the design requirements and fulfilling the specified gradation.

Laboratory ovens Especially designed for soil, aggregates and asphalt testing, these advanced models feature all stainless steel internal and external satm, with 60 mm thick insulation, fast heat up,easy to read digital control and forced convection airflow for uniform temperature throughout the oven chamber. The mix is placed in a mould and marhall by hammer, with 75 blows on either side for light compaction it is 50 blows.


The corrected Marshall stability value of each specimen is determined by karshall the appropriate correction factor. The 50kN capacity and fully variable speed of 0.

Automatic Marshall Stability Test Machine – Marshall Stability – Utest Material Testing Equipment

The machine is fit with a precision strain gauge load cell and displacement transducer, both connected to the Digimax The report includes all results for 9 samples.

The aggregate size more than 25mm use the Modified Marshall method.

Mixes with high Marshall stability values and very low Flow values are not desirable as the marsha,l of such mixes may be brittle and are likely to crack under heavy traffic. The user can see 9 of the results on the same screen for easy comparision.

The proportions in which the different aggregates, filler and bitumen are to be mixed are specified by weight or by volume for implementation during construction.

Circulating water bath with cooler unit for Marshall. Take the sample as mentioned above, and heated to a temperature of 0 to 0 C. All aatm accessories have to be ordered separately. Six graphs are plotted with values of bitumen content against the values of: The software includes control of machine, acquisition of load marshall displacement data, saving them and generating reports.

A limit switch is provided for the bottom limit of travel. The specific gravity and apparent specific gravity values of the different aggregates, filler and bitumen used are determined first.