Offers on Waseet in Dubai – Browse and Place Free Ads about Home Furniture, Electronics, Clothes and Accessories, Pets. Search for Real Estate for Sale or Rent in, Abu Dhabi, Photos – Apartments, House Villas, Lands, Houses, Shops, Expos and others. Browse latest ads on Al Waseet Newspaper in PDF version.

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Al Joumhouria News Corp. TBY talks to Raphael G.

Apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi

Education Think Ahead A solid education sector is fueling private higher education in producing top-quality human capital that is increasingly successful both at home and abroad. Our deal consists of a long partnership over seven years to launch Time Inc. The country is an exception compared to its Arab neighbors in terms of pluralism of the press and broad range of readers. Let us wish you a happy birthday!

Information available as an option.

Our statutory audit provides assurance on the assurance on the truth and fairness of an entity’s financial statements Read more. You might also like: Our Bookkeeping Services are focused at reducing the finance and accounting costs of our clients Read more.

Skiing Sun, Sand, Snow? Tourism Catch All Multi-faceted and steeped in tradition, Lebanon’s tourism sector looks to overcome regional challenges and continue being a significant contributor to GDP. Bassil, Chairman and General Manager of Byblos Bank, on the bank’s growing presence in the region, the strength of the sector, and on the seven main tasks facing Lebanon’s new government. Unlike most of its neighbors, Lebanon’s media has been well known for its diverse perspectives and respect for freedom of speech.

The insurance market, driven by life insurance lines, is on the up in Lebanon, and the consumer has more choice than ever. Medical tourism is a hot topic in Lebanon, with the country looking to attract patients from further afield.

Con its transition to a multinational firm, the role of technology, and its latest projects. Dealers Let’s Cruise High consumer spending levels and customer-focused, dedicated dealers are keeping the market for cars and boats booming.


Lebanon is leveraging its historical role as a trade hub and developing its port facilities. All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment.

www waseet net jobs

Share this company profile. Lebanese business is braced for faster internet connections, and foreign companies are easeet to help make it happen. Bachar M-B Kiwan Owner. Growing domestic demand and expanding international attention is driving the wine production sector in Lebanon. With its 26 operations and staff of 5, Al Waseet ispresent nine countries across the region.

Real Estate No Holds Barred Strong demand for reconstruction and housing is keeping the building industry booming, while ambitious companies are gaining experience abroad. Layalina Sal Dekouaneh Metn Publishing: It intends to add new products to ranges already offered.

Year In Review The Strong Cedar Lebanon is an oft-overlooked leading center for finance, tourism, and trade in the East Mediterranean region that managed to ride through the uxe financial crisis on the back of a resilient banking industry, surging tourism receipts, and a real estate sector that showed no sign of weakness.

Daleel Waseet in Abu Dhabi

Wine The Land of Bacchus An increasingly common sight on wine lists around the world, viticulture is on the up in Lebanon, and production and exports are at an all-time high. Al Waseet market share in the UAE. Insurance Angles Flexibility of Choice The insurance market, driven by life insurance lines, is on the up in Lebanon, and the consumer has more choice than ever. The flames waset domestic demand are being fanned by expatriate and foreign interest in the real use sector, and growth is being witnessed in residential, office, and retail spaces.

Lebanon’s insurance industry is seeing steady growth in both life and non-life lines. With a strong regulatory framework and uad potential, Lebanon has long been home to foreign banks, which are constantly upgrading their operations.

TBY talks to Najib A. Real Estate A Place Called Home The flames of domestic demand are being fanned by expatriate and foreign interest in the real estate sector, and growth is being witnessed in residential, office, and retail spaces. Lebanon has developed a mining sector that supports its construction materials waseey, while making a name for itself internationally with its natural stone varieties.


The Beirut bourse is introducing a new independent regulator to help renew confidence in the potential of local capital markets, while thin volumes are beginning to reveal some value plays for stock pickers. The size of Lebanon’s diaspora community has helped stabilize the home economy and act as a major source of liquidity and FDI.

Lebanon is well respected by those in the know for its laissez-faire trading traditions, strong banking sector, and pro-free market attitude that has allowed it to prosper under conditions that would represent a challenge to most. This atmosphere represents a perfect surrounding for Fortune as it is directly linked with transparency and a more competitive atmosphere. Franchising, therefore, makes a lot of sense for AWI and has become a crucial step in the company’s ongoing development.

Should the electricity question finally be solved, Lebanon’s GDP will receive a well-needed boost.

Higher Education Wealth of Experience A developed and diverse education sector is ensuring a qualified skill base for Lebanon and working with the private sector to reverse the brain drain. Al Waseetwebsite, Ipsos stat A bastion of economic growth in the region, Lebanon is among those leading the FDI charge in the Arab world. Already have an account with us? Still a major employer in Lebanon’s economy, the sector is undergoing restructuring aimed at consolidating and adding value to the country’s agricultural produce.

Al Waseet includes listings for real estate, jobs,automotive sales, electronics, technology, hobbies and otheritems, and a personal classifieds section entitled BigHeart.

With Use experience and successful international expansion, no company is more fit to establish a lucrative business model that can be emulated and operated profitably anywhere in the world.

Remaining solid in terms of profitability, liquidity, capitalization, and asset quality, local Lebanese banks are continuing to support the private sector and finance government debt.

Mikati, Prime Minister of Lebanon, on his economic policies, the role of consensus building, and his vision for Lebanon’s geopolitical strategy. Harb, President of Coldwell Banker, on the local real estate market, domestic demand, and developments outside of Beirut.